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10 reasons to love Jaunty Goat

If you’re not feeling jaunty when you arrive, you will by the time you leave.

I promise.

Jaunty Goat is my favourite “go to” coffee shop in Chester . You’ll find it on 57 Bridge Street just before the traffic lights. It’s pretty central and a great location for shoppers and city dwellers.

I spend maybe 2 days a month in Chester so I’ve made it my regular coffee hideout, and lunch spot. I even have a 10% loyalty key fob so I feel like part of the family.

If you’ve never been, here’s my 10 reasons you will love Jaunty Goat

1  You appreciate perfectly poured barista coffee

We’re all coffee snobs. Right? We know the difference between an average coffee and a great coffee. It’s the beans, the grind, the water, the barista, the milk, the latte art and the smile.  It all matters. And Jaunty Goat coffees gets a 10 from me.

2  You like to support independent coffee houses

Don’t we all?  We’ve been told enough home truths about the high street chains to steer well clear. Let’s support the little people. The North & the North Wales Independent Coffee Guide is a good place to start. Jaunty Goat is in it, obviously. We keep one in the glove box of the car for road trips and city adventures.

3  You appreciate personal attentive service

These guys really know their stuff – about the coffee, the food, the cakes, and even the city. All the staff are local chester based peeps who love their community.

4  You like to know where your beans have come from

Jaunty Goat freshly roast their own beans and if you love the flavour you can buy a bag to take home.

5  You need somewhere to plug in your Mac

Coffee shops attract the self employed and freelancers, the writers and the creatives. And with every self respecting writer comes a MacBook that needs to be charged. Jaunty Goat is set up perfectly to spend a hour or more tapping away in the corner. I’m a great believer in the “coffee-shop office” – it’s buzzy, vibrant, inspirational and a great place to get blogs posts out of my head.

6  You love plant based food.

The brunch / lunch offering is mainly plant based so it’s a haven for veggies and vegans, but there’s also a choice of meaty and eggy things to suit everyone. In terms of food fashion, Jaunty Goat is up there. And yes, avocados are still in vogue. Thank goodness.

7  You want to do your bit for the planet

Everything is fully recycled and composted both front of house and behind the scenes.  I heard a rumour that they don’t accept cash because the notes are made with plastic – you’ll have to ask them if it’s true.

8  You love cake

The cakes are all handmade and truly delicious. I can vouch for the best flapjack in the history of flapjacks. It’s a regular choice for me as I convince myself it’s full of fruity goodness and not too many calories (haha). Everything else looks completely yummy too.

9  You love to get tucked up in a cosy corner

Jaunty Goat has the comfortable feeling of entering a cosy familiar basement. Maybe because it’s set under the historic Chester Rows. You can perch on a stool in the window and watch the world go by, or hide away in a rustic corner.

10  Your 4 legged friend wants to come out too

Last time I was there, we were met by the cutest puppy called Basil, a lovely basset spaniel cross, and a tiny weeny dachshund in a pink jumper. What a delight! Yes dogs are very welcome here and they know it!.

When you’ve tried out Jaunty Goat, we’ll tell you about Jaunty Goat 2 – just opening on 128 Northgate Street, Chester. It’s completely plant-based, and we’re very excited.

PS My absolute favourite thing is that they use a coffee tamper for the front door knob – genius.

That’s all for now.

Judith xx

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