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5 things I’m loving in August

It’s not been the summer any of us planned, but definitely the summer all of us will remember.

So here we are knocking on the door of autumn. Mr Bond keeps reminding me the nights are drawing in and I just can’t cope. After all the rain of July, I just need a few more sunny days. A few more al fresco dinners. A few more cocktails in the garden. And then autumn can come. But not just yet.

What have you enjoyed about August? Holidays maybe? We’re been away for a family get together. First one since Christmas. Are you planning a last minute getaway? A little staycation maybe? Although just for the record, Llandudno is full. Quite full. There’s no room at the inn.

Flowers from my garden. Mug from Hannah Madden Printmaker

Here’s 5 things I’m loving this month.

1 I’m back in my favourite coffee shop

One of the things I have truly missed during lockdown is great coffee (of course) but more than that. Coffee shop life. One of my favourite things is to pack up my laptop and head down to my favourite coffee shop for a few hours of caffeinated inspiration.

I sit in my little corner with an oat cappuccino and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a different corner with lots of space around it. My coffee is in a cardboard cup. But I’m here. Hooray.

2 I’m obsessed with all the garden flowers

We’ve spent most of lockdown giving our garden some much needed and long overdue TLC. New fence. Lots of gorgeous new plants. New lighting. We even treated ourselves to a new David Austin Rose.

And already the garden is giving back in oodles of pleasure and bundles of fresh flowers.

I’ve acquired quite a few new houseplants during lockdown – that’s for another blog – so I’m squeezing in cute vases full of fresh garden snips in between my Calatheas and Dieffenbachias.

Big shout out to Hannah Madden Printmaker. I’m completely obsessed with everything she makes including this gorgeous mug which alternates in use between strong black coffee and posies of garden flowers.

3 New diaries

I’m a little bit mesmerised by all the new diaries popping up on my phone. They’re all so pretty, and I’m usually ready for a change around August. I may be tempted by the gorgeous new range from Busy B. The page layout of their diaries is so practical. I especially love the Perfect Planner – it’s week to view with plenty of space of those all important notes and random jottings.

Are you tempted to change your diary? To be honest, it’d be nice just to see the number 2021 on the front. I’ve had it with 2020.

4 Cleanser From Heaven

If you’ve been following along here for any time at all, you’ll know that one of my desert island “essentials” would always be Tropic’s Smoothing Cleanser. Well just when I thought my joyful eucalyptus morning cleansing moment couldn’t be improved, they’ve gone and brought out a new cleansing product. It’s Clear Skies Cleansing Powder. Research has shown that double cleansing is the way ahead for squeaky clean and refreshed skin. And I’m all there for this clay based deep cleanser. It’s quickly become part of evening bath time routine and I’m not swapping it for anything.

You can find it at my Tropic shop if you fancy a try.

5 Family time

I don’t see my family that often as we are separated by the Irish Sea, but we loved spending a few days over there catching up. It was mainly dashing through the rain, dachshund cuddles and movie nights. Perfect.

So there is it, almost the end of summer. I hope you enjoy these last few warm weeks before we head full speed into pumpkins and poms poms.

I’d love to hear your August hi lights. Do let me know in the comments.

That’s all for now

Judith x

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