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5 things I’m loving in July

It’s July and I have so many lovely things to tell you about that I thought I’d start a monthly “5 things” blog. To be honest it could have been 10 things, but let’s start with a wonderful 5.

Apart from the fact that no-one can quite believe it’s July, here’s 5 things I’m loving this month and you might love too.

#1 David Austin Roses

I’ve always been a bit scared of growing roses. They have prickles. They’re tricky to grow, I thought. They won’t survive in my seaside garden, I thought.

But 3 things happened

We ordered Olivia Rose Austin from David Austin Roses in mid June for our Wedding Anniversary. She’s named after David Austin’s granddaughter and is completely beautiful.

We planted Olivia Rose in our newly designed sunny bed and 2 weeks later she has 6 gorgeous pink blooms that are giving me all the summer joys. Regular updates on my stories if you’re interested.

#2 Preview App

Preview App has been my best friend for a good while now and you can read why in my previous blog.

If you need a little help to organise your instagram then you should give it a try. I encourage you to use it for a trial period and see what you think.

They’ve just introduced another new feature (and let me tell you – new features come pretty thick and fast) called Caption Finder. If you’re stuck for what to say with your image of the day, there’s a zillion ideas just waiting to inspire you.

#3 Divine Coffee

If you follow my social at all, you’ll know that I spent most of lockdown drinking coffee. Discovering new artisan roasts. Finding exciting new ways to make a cuppa. Check our my Coffee Diaries – The Mighty Moka, and Perfecting the Pour Over – to find out more.

Divine Coffee does what it says on the tin. It’s small batch roasted in Yorkshire, in the city of York (my home for 4 years as a student) which is a great start. You can order online and it’ll be with you in a jiffy. Excellent customer service. Magnificent Yorkshire coffee. Try it.

#4 Lavender Pillow Spray – Ivy & Co

I’m such a fan of lavender at bed time. As a migraine sufferer and anxiety warrier, I need all the natural calming ingredients I can get. I’ve long been a fan of Ivy & Co candles, and they just sent me a bottle of their brand new Relax Lavender Pillow Spray, which has firmly taken up residence on my bedside cabinet. I’ve tried a few similar products and this one has a noticeably high ratio of lavender scent per spritz so you can drift off to sleep dreaming of the sunny lavender fields of Provence.

#5 Sun Day Facial UV – Tropic Skincare

Reaching the “mid 40s” has taught me something lifechanging. SPF should be the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last vital stage of your morning skincare. And don’t be poking your head out of the bathroom window to see if it’s sunny. Your face gets just as much UV damage on a cloudy day in Wales than on a sunny day in the Costa Brava. It’s a tough lesson but one I’m happy to learn with Tropic Skincare’s Sun Day Facial UV.

Unlike other facial UVs I’ve tried, it has a lightweight finish that gives the skincare benefits of a primer under your make up as well as high protection (SPF50) against the sun. It really is super light and smells wonderful.

Hyaluronic acid makes it hydrating. Hibiscus extract gives powerful antioxidants. Banana flower extract calms and soothes the skin.

I’ve been using it most days for around 3 months, and have felt properly protected in the strong spring sunshine. Mr Bond loves it too, but you didn’t hear that from me.

It’s the perfect handbag essential for those summer days out. I started with the 15ml tube as a gift, then bought myself the 40ml tube for £24. Great value. A little goes a long way. And a little tip – if you collect 5 empty tubes, you can claim a free 15ml tube. Happy days.

If you fancy treating yourself to some Sun Day Facial UV don’t forget to pop my name in the Ambassador box. You can check out the whole Sun Care collection with certified reef safe ingredients while you’re there.

How’s your July?

So my July is shaping up to be pretty good. I’d love to know what you’re loving in July. Have you discovered any new brands that you love over lockdown?

That’s all for now.

Judith xx

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