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A very ground opening | Heartland Coffee

It’s no secret that I’m a Heartland Coffi superfan. So when the invitation came to the Grand Opening of their brand new Roastery and Coffee Bar, I was there like a shot.  See what I did there?

Today Heartland is a by-word for the best coffee in town. Mal & Tara Klose, along with their fully caffeinated team, have everyone loving their roast. 27,000 cups of their coffee are sipped every week at independent cafes in North Wales.

After the move from London, Heartland opened their first Llandudno roastery in 2012. Now we’re celebrating their move to a much larger unit, close by, complete with ginormous roaster to keep step with the soaring demand for these excellent beans.

The ultimate bean to cup experience

The best news for coffee obsessed locals like myself is that the new Heartland Coffi HQ includes a super cool coffee bar and spacious mezzanine seating area. It’s the ultimate bean to cup experience. You can watch your beans swish round the roaster and cascade into the hopper. You can follows them as they tumble into little brown bags and pack into large delivery boxes. And if you hang around you’ll see them freshly ground to make your perfect cappuccino.  

Coffee Cupping Masterclass

Time for “coffee cupping with Nathan”. This is my second time coffee cupping and it’s so much fun. You need 2 things – a spoon and a good slurp action. 3 different roasts are poured at the optimum temperature, the grounds scooping off the surface and the cupping begins. It’s a bit like wine tasting – if you “taste” the coffee rather than drink it, the flavour transforms in your mouth. True story.  Apparently we’re also tasting for “defects” but I’m pleased to report none are to be found. None at all. 

He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

The official opening followed – with local members from Westminster, Welsh Assembly and Conwy County Borough Council applauding the success of Heartland Coffi. Malcolm (Mr Heartland) delivered an inspirational, humorous and moving speech, with Tara and family by his side. Such a delightful bunch – they deserve every bit of success coming their way.

Have you tried the Opera?

The Coffee Bar, cleverly styled out of a shipping container, served complimentary coffees all day from the sexiest turquoise San Remo Opera coffee machine I have ever seen. A great chance to try a new brew. I was pleased to see the Nitro Cold Brew on tap, my favourite summer fix.

Cupcakes, of course

All that remains is to set out the cupcakes on their tiered stand ready for the hungry evening visitors. I baked fluffy vanilla sponge with a swirl of Heartland Espresso buttercream and edible logo topper. The perfect accompaniment to a glass of Prosecco, and a happy sweet touch after the sumptuous grazing table.

Great to see our good friends Baravellis and the Wild Horse Brewing Company team helping the day along. 

Caffeinated Community

My biggest takeaway, apart from the little sachets of Columbia Geisha Buenos Aires they were giving out at the door,  was how the humble coffee bean has created a genuine community without which the success of Heartland would not have been possible. 

The North Wales foodie hub is firmly established, and growing all the time with Heartland Coffi at the centre of a vibrant community. From the very beginning Malcolm, and his late father who was a big part of the North Wales move, has shown a generosity of spirit that is rare these days.  He always makes time to talk, explain, and demonstrate the passion he has for his craft. 

The morning after

It’s a few weeks since the Grand Opening and the serious business of coffee roasting is well underway. I’m perched on the Mezzanine Coffee Bar with a refreshing iced latte. The only sound is the beans tumbling round the roaster, the occasional grind for a thirsty customer, and the happy chat of roasters at work.  The furniture is crafted from wooden delivery pallets and the cushions covered with branded coffee sacks. It’s just the loveliest place to pop in for a fix, or while away a few hours working on your laptop.

Were you at the Grand Opening? Have you called in to Heartland Coffi for a cuppa yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Brenda newman

    So pleased to read this wonderful article … Malc and Tara are awesome people and I have been to their roastery. Wasn’t able to be present for the opening as I live in NZ. My hubby and I visited last year to spend 4 Glorious days with our kiwi friends.

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