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It’s amazing how often I walk along the West Shore of Llandudno looking out to the Conwy estuary and across Conwy Mountain and the Snowdonia peaks beyond – and I think how blessed we are to have such a place on our doorstep.

We had a stroll on Easter Monday – a day we would normally stay firmly at home to avoid the crowds – but this year we ventured out with Henry, our 4 legged friend (4 very short legs, he’s a miniature dachshund of the wire-haired variety), our walking shoes, 2 Lattes from Caffe Neros, and my camera. Everywhere was covered in a strange mist, punctuated by rays of sun trying to shine through and burn it away.


West Shore isn’t very far, in fact it’s exactly a mile from our door to the beach. The reason I know this is because I am a seasonal fair-weather runner and the route down the Tramway, along Invalids Walk and down the beach measures exactly 1 mile on my pedometer. I usually arrive at the beach in various states of exhaustion depending whether it’s the beginning or the end of my (usually summer) running season. I suppose we should really have walked to the beach instead of taken the car, but little legs can’t tootle quite as well as he used to so we took a drive from our cottage on the Great Orme down into the mist and the beach beyond.

We often get Sea Mists in Llandudno – something about the warm and cold air meeting – sometimes we can’t even seen the Town from our garden! Today, the mist was strange, covering the town and the estuary and the lower half of the Great Orme – but the sort of ‘strange’ that you want to be outside and experience.


We enjoyed our coffees and walked through the dunes and onto the beach. I thought I’d share some of my photographs…..

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The mist was even more spectacular from the top of the Orme – the summit and the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ Tearoom

The view from the Orme Summit across the Conwy Estuary
The view from the Orme Summit across the Conwy Estuary
A strange view from “Rest and Be Thankful” across to Anglesey
A strange view from “Rest and Be Thankful” across to Anglesey
The Lighthouse B&B shrouded in mist
The Lighthouse B&B shrouded in mist
Afternoon Tea in the sunshine
Afternoon Tea in the sunshine

Towards the end of the afternoon, the mist finally started to lift to reveal bright sun, so we enjoyed one last cup of tea in the sunshine before heading home.

Now that Llandudno or the Welsh Riviera, as it’s sometimes known, has been named 3rd best resort in the UK, you’ve really got no excuse for not visiting!

Hope to see you sometime soon,

Judith x

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