Autumn Diary | 10 ways to hygge up your home


I always think there’s a little window of opportunity between Halloween and Christmas. A perfect time to get your home hygge-ready. We don’t celebrate Halloween but I’m here for all the autumn feels.

I wore my winter coat for the first time yesterday and loved the feeling of being wrapped up. I’ve had a hat and scarf audit and decided I probably have enough choice! I’ve dug out my winter boots and given them a scrub. And there’s a few other jobs that need doing round the house that you might be putting off.

You might have already read my How to get your garden ready for autumn. Here’s my 10 thoughts on how to make our homes hygge ready. Some are fun and therapeutic, others less so. But there’s something wonderful about the new season and I’m here for it.

1 An autumn declutter

Grab the moment while you’re in the mood. It’s time for a good old tidy up and declutter. You’ll need 3 bags – rubbish, recycling and charity shop. Head round the house and see which one you can fill up first. I’m not a great fan of cleaning, but I do love a good tidy. It’s a proper therapy, don’t you think?

2 The Practical things

Yes it’s that time, folks. Central heating boilers needs their annual service, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors need their batteries checking, radiators need bleeding and if you have an open fire or log burner, your chimney will need a good sweep. These are the boring but necessary autumn jobs.

3 Carpets and rugs

We’ve thrilled with our new stair carpet and our organic Jute rug from The Braided Rug Co for our lounge doorway area. All their rugs are sewn together by Bangladeshi folk who are paid a fair wage in a country where an extra income to the home can make all the difference. The Seaspray colour scheme is perfect for our lounge, and I do have my eye on the loveliest matching Seaspray basket. A girl can never have too many baskets. Am I right?

4 Cosy up

I have to confess that my cosy blanket collection isn’t really seasonal, but they might need a wash and freshen up for the winter. It’s all about layers and textures to give us that hygge feeling so dig out your best blankets and pile them up. I really miss cinema nights, but a Netflix movie and bowl of popcorn at home more than make up for it. Get yourself wrapped up. I especially love my recycled wool blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co.

5 The Entrance

We might not be doing quite as much entertaining as we’d like this autumn but a joyful entrance way will make you smile as you come in and out. Does your front door need a good clean? How about some nice colourful pots filled with autumn blooms, or a beautiful autumn wreath created from dried flowers and leaves. Mine was made by the super talented Andrea at Lunaflower Florist.

On a practical note, do your outdoor lights need any attention? The security lights by the car and the bins, or the pathway lights to the house?

6 Plants

I’m getting pretty close to plant saturation in my cottage, but not quite. Every so often I have a bit of a move around. It’s nice to have a change and give your plants a change of scenery. Just a bit of a freshen up really. You’ll need to move your plants away from radiators and fireplaces, and make sure you feed them through the dry winter.

7 It’s candle season

No autumn home blog would be complete without a good dose of scented candles. Make sure you choose natural soy over nasty paraffin. They burn longer and cleaner, they’re better for the environment and your health, and they smell better. So it’s a no brainer. Keep reading to find out how you can win a perfect hygge Nathalie Bond candle.

20% off with the code JUDITHBOND20

8 Break out the beans

There’s nothing better than the aroma of freshly ground beans to get that hygge feeling on a chilly autumn morning. We love buying our coffee beans locally from Heartland Coffi. The beans are roasted most days so freshness is guaranteed. Shopping local in the key here. Find your nearest roastery and become a customer. It’s vital that we keep our artisan roasters busy during these difficult times. Heartland have just launched their brand new website so you can have it delivered to your front door and there’s free shipping over £25.

9 Sort out the cosies

It’s time to dig out all those hats, scarves and gloves and get them handy for early morning errands and chilly autumn walks. We love Clares – our local department store, and one of the oldest family run shops in town. They’ve been there since 1927. They have the snuggliest collection of winter woolies – so if you fancy treating yourself to something new it’s a good place to start.

10 G I V E A W A Y

To help you get your home ready for autumn, we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Nathalie Bond and Heartland Coffi to bring you a little autumn giveaway.

So when you’ve ticked off all your jobs, you can take a breath, brew yourself a cup of coffee, light a pretty candle and admire how autumnal your home now feels. Hooray.

Head over to my instagram page to enter the giveaway and you could win this gorgeous bundle worth £90

Nathalie Bond – Bloom Candle, Bloom Bath Salts, Bloom Home Mist. Revive Soap, Revive Skin Balm, Revive Lip Balm.

Heartland Coffi – 2 bags of freshly roasted coffee beans or ground to your preference – Landmark (tasting notes – full Bodied, smooth and sweet, chocolate and nut), & Honduras Los Angeles (tasting notes – full bodied, dark stone fruits, milk chocolate)

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to see what you can win.

Judith xx

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