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Bodnant Garden in November

It’s my first time. And I’m thrilled. I’ve never visited Bodnant Garden in November before so I’m so excited to have ticked this particular box.

It’s easy to think of November as a bit of a dreary month. The late summer colours have faded. The vibrant leaves of October have fallen and the big wait is on for the early spring bulbs.

The trick is to choose your day carefully. Watch the weather app and book your slot on the National Trust website accordingly. We managed a 2 hour window of gorgeous autumn sunshine. It couldn’t have been better.

After all the rain we’ve had, the streams were full to bursting thundering through the Dell. The deciduous leaves have mostly fallen so you’ll get a ringside view of the architectural wonders of the Bodnant trees.

The main hilight of our November visit was discovering a new pathway that we’ve never walked before. If you take a left at Furnace Meadow and heave yourself up the steep woodland path, you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible view from the top of Furnace Wood across the Conwy river valley.

Things to look out for in November

The view from the Hill – the view from the top of Furnace Wood. Take a flask or a picnic and give yourself a moment.

Have a seat – a lady’s seat, which just happens to have the most perfectly positioned view of Bodnant House and the famous Italian Terraces. You’ll find it on the way down through Furnace Woods.

Stop and smell the roses – Yes. It’s true. There’s quite an array of late blooming roses on the Terraces.

Pick a Tree – we played the game of “choose your Christmas Tree”. A bit like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation without the snow! There’s so many perfect ones to choose from.

That’s all for November. I’ll be back in a few weeks for our December visit.

Judith xx

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