Cashmere cosiness for winter chills

Last year, my very thoughtful husband bought me a pair of ‘wrist warmers’ from our local Christmas Fayre.  For the first few days I wondered how I would get on without a thumb hole. I understood fingerless gloves – they’ve been around for a while. Even fingerless mittens made sense. But wrist warmers were a new concept to me.


Let me tell you – they are literally the best thing.  I wore them every day from November until about March last year and had to have them surgically removed for the summer months.


Last October, I was hoping the chill would set in so I could get out my wrist warmers for another joyous season.  And for a whole 2 weeks I revelled in the cosy cashmere hug that these delightful creations gave me.

But then – horror struck.  I don’t exaggerate.

During a week with my family in Northern Ireland, I dig into my pockets to get them out – and there is only 1.

I know. Do you feel my pain?

An entire afternoon was spent retracing my steps round shops, cafe and a whole dog walk. To no avail.

One wrist warmer is really no good at all so it sits in my bedroom reminding me every day of this immense sadness.


Happily, this tragedy unfolded just before the same Christmas market where I had first found my 2 wrist warmers. I dared to hope that the stall where I bought them might be there again. But was it too much to hope for?

Hooray – there they are. Rebranded but still the same amazing products.

So my husband quickly bought me a new pair which I happily opened on Christmas morning.


Anna’s business is now called LIEF – Reclaimed, Reloved, Reborn –  and can find her on Facebook 

Anna is based in Llandudno,  just down the road from me and handmakes all her products. Not just wrist warmers either. You can get a gorgeous matching scarf. They’re all 100% recycled cashmere in the most magnificent range of colours. Blues, Greens, Purples, Festive reds and greys. Even stripes for the jaunty among you.  The wrist warmers are double sided and reversible so you get 2 cosy layers of cashmere round your wrist. They perfectly fill the gap between your coat sleeve/jumper and the chilly outside world.

The word LIEF is an old english word meaning happily or gladly, or dear, value and beloved. Very appropriate.  If you buy a pair of wrist warmers or a scarf you will be happy and very glad. They will be your beloved friends, dear and valued for a long time.

Just try not to drop one!!

That’s all for now

Judith xx


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