IMG_0826It’s a dreary Tuesday. The kind of day when you can’t see the drizzle but you know your hair is looking like you’ve just finished a triathlon.

I’ve been plucking up courage to try the Single Origin coffee ever since Big Prov opened so today is the day.


I’m trying the Guatemalan single origin roast as a black Americano and it’s really rather good.

There’s probably a technical way of tasting coffee, but I don’t know how – so I’ve decided to taste it like wine.

Tim Watson, Wine Geek and all round good egg,  taught me how to taste wine properly once and it changed my life. You sort of suck it in with lots of air and then swill it round both sides of your mouth – and it’s tastes totally different. If you haven’t been on one of his tasting evenings at From Grape to Glass, you’re missing a trick.

Believe it or not, the age-old technique works with coffee too!  You have to sip it like you mean it, close your eyes, and kind of embrace the moment.


You’ll be impressed – I’ve done my research too! Guatemala for those who skipped Geography class, is in Central America and these beans are harvested 1900m up by the Fedecocagua Cooperative. They’re wet processed and patio dried before being shipped out to North Wales for Malcolm to work his roaster magic at Heartland Coffi Llandudno.

I’ll leave the clever stuff to Malcolm. He says “good acidity and body, sweet, nutty, with a milk chocolate finish” Although I’m not an expert and couldn’t have come up with those words – I couldn’t agree more.

It’s rich, smooth, and chocolatey – the perfect morning coffee.


If you close your eyes and let your mind wander you can almost feel the warm breeze on the mountainside, the soft earth under your feet and the sunshine on your back as you watch the farm workers harvesting ripe cherry beans from the branches.

OK that was a bit dreamy, but you get the idea. I have a vivid imagination, always have had!

One of the features of the amazing Sam Remo Opera coffee machine at Providero, the first of it’s kind in Wales, is that you can choose your coffee beans, and choose your type of drink. So you can have a Honduran Flat White, a Guatemalan Latte, or a Monsoon Malabar Espresso.

I wanted to have my coffee black today partly because its one of those days when my coffee needs coffee, but also because you can just taste it better.

I’m a great fan of a fluffy cappuccino but when it comes to flavour tasting – it’s Americano or Espresso everytime.

Heartland Coffi feature a special single origin every month or so, and it’s available in a number of coffee houses across North Wales.


So my advice to you on this drizzly Tuesday is why not perk up your week and ask for something different. You could follow the herd and enjoy an Espresso Blend (and it’d be a mighty fine cup) or you could stand out, pretend you’re a coffee buff and ask for a Single Origin. And you won’t be sorry.

In fact if you keep on being adventurous and trying new flavours – you might even turn into a real coffee buff – imagine that!

That’s all for now, I’m off for my second cup ….

Judith x



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