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Gift Guide | For the stationery lover

List lovers and note takers rejoice. It’s that time again. Here’s one of my favourite gift guides written with love from one stationery lover (me) to another (that’s you).

These, my friends, are the gifts that keep on giving all year long.

A brand New Year demands a brand new diary. Right? And a brand new matching notebook. Of course. And a brand new …. (insert whatever takes your fancy)

Side Note – this is a “gift guide” because the joy is in the giving. Of course. But if you fancy getting a few festive treats just for yourself, that’s fine. I promise not to tell.

1 The Vegan One

Monk & Anna make the most desirous notebooks. I love the Dawn Pink covered notebook, also available in lilac and honey. It’s an ideal handbag notebook. A5 size with elastic cover so no crinkled pages. And when you’ve filled up the notebook, you simply insert a new one, and start all over again.

Monk & Anna, also available at Janet Bell Home £12

2  The Clever One

It’s never just a notebook with the clever folk at Busy B. They think of everything. This one is an A5 soft touch faux leather cover in the perfect shade of teal green with gold embossing. It’s lined paper with tear out pages for all your lists. It has a useful ribbon marker, back pocket, stickers and sparkly gold elastic closure

Busy B £14.99 (15% off your first order)

3  The Floral One

Notebooks should cheer us. Bring us joy. If you gift someone a gorgeous floral notebook you’ll know straight away whether you’ve got it right. Just watch the way their eyes light up. That’s the sure sign of a fellow stationery lover.

Cultivate what Matters make everything beautiful. But more than that – meaningful. Their Everyday Lined 3 Notebook Set comes in Blooms, Confetti and Blue & Gold Stripes. Each A5 book is 60 lined pages. You can either gift the set with it’s colourful “belly band” or split them up – give 1 (still gorgeous), and keep the other 2. They’ll never know.

Cultivate what Matters. $18

4  The Personalised One

Martha Brook is the Queen of Instagram. She started making cards and stationery in her bedroom and now makes “delightfully individual stationery” from her chic pink London studio with her super talented team of pink ladies. The Eagle-eyed among you might have spotted one of her team on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas showcasing modern calligraphy.

I’ve gifted quite a few of Martha Brook’s personalised notebooks over the last few years.  They come hard or soft backed in a range of pastels, and special designs with foiled text on the cover. There’s lots of gorgeous designs that would make perfect personalised gifts for Mum, Sister, best friend.

My choice this year is the Kew design, inspired by walks in the famous botanical gardens, which I have yet to visit, but it’s definitely on my list. It’s soft back with 70 sheets of 100gsm lined paper and I’m in love.

You can add a luxury gift box or wrap for a little extra.

Martha Brook London £12.95

5 The Handbag One

Diaries are quite a personal thing don’t you think? If you’re a week to view kind, you’ll like this Everyday Diary – Sorbet Shores – from Busy B’s 2020 collection. Its A5 size with a very pleasing double page spread – days on the left, notes on the right.

With Busy B you always get some clever features. This one includes goal setting, expenses, travel plans and birthdays. It’s soft backed with that all important elastic closure to keep all your bits together.

Busy B £7.99 (15% off with first order) Free UK delivery over £20

6  The Desk One

Calendars are essential but take up a lot of wall space. How about this Desktop Calendar from Busy B? Most of my family have had one of these, and someone might be getting a new one this year (shhhhh).

It’s honestly the most useful calendar you’ll own.

It’s made from strong card with a sturdy integrated stand, and measures a very bijou 17x20cm. You can keep it on your desk, on the kitchen table, by the telephone. Anywhere you jolly well like. Each month has a pocket you can stuff with invitations, school letters, theatre tickets. Everything.

In fact, I’m just wondering why I haven’t ordered one for myself?

Busy B £8.99 (15% off first order) Free UK delivery over £20

7  The Extra One

Don’t let anybody tell you stickers are for kids. Oh no. There is nothing more joyous than a book of stickers, whatever age you happen to be.

Imagine opening your stocking on Christmas morning and getting a whopper book of 1600 colourful and gold foil stickers from the happy ladies at Cultivate what Matters.

Nothing will launch the stationery lover into 2020 better than this one.

Cultivate Sticker Book  $15

8  The Must-Have One

So you have your fancy new diary, your pretty notebook and your “oh so gorgeous” sticker book, but how will you keep them all together.

Listen up – you’ll be needing a Stationery Pouch and if you’re quick you can get Busy B’s perfect pouch for just £4.99, reduced from £24.99. It’s duck egg blue faux leather lined with navy and white spotty fabric, and will fit all the above as well as your iPad. There’s even a zippy side pocket for your phone.

For the price of 2 cups of coffee you could even get one for yourself.

Busy B £4.99 (normally £24.99) Free UK delivery over £20

9  The Hanging One

Need an idea for the Secret Santa at work? Martha Brook has your covered. How about “The Stationery Bauble”. Not only does it include a secret stash of cute things for the stationery lover, but it also hangs on your tree. It’s handmade in their West London studio from deep green card with gold embossing and includes (spoiler alert) a mini gold pen, sticky notes, gold bulldog clips, gold triangle paperclips, washi tapes and a cute eraser.

Martha Brook £12.95

10  The Keeping One

If you’ve been following along here for anytime at all, you’ll know I have a little obsession. Pins. Badges, Brooches. Whatever you chose to call them.

Just now, I’m modelling the Christmas range – a miscellaneous collection of penguins, Santas and robins.

But I’ve found the newest addition to my growing collection. If like me you “always write” and if like me, you’re “always right”, this one will be perfect for your favourite jumper.

It’s made from enamel coated gold metal on a grey clutch. Pink, of course. What other colour would you expect from Martha Brook.

It might just be the ideal stocking filler. For the stationery lover.

Martha Brook £7.00

Are you tempted? I hope you’ve been inspired to make a few festive purchases for the ladies in your life. And perhaps a sneaky extra for yourself.

Happy Shopping

Judith xx

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