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How to gift wrap like a pro

So you want to know how to gift wrap like a pro? First I have a confession to make.

I am not a fan of Christmas card writing. I can do a few, but quickly get bored and really don’t see the point of either writing a card to someone I see all the time, or writing a card to someone I rarely or never see. The former is pointless because I can say Merry Christmas any number of times, the later is meaningless unless I write a long newsletter to go with it, and that’s never going to happen! I feel a bit of a scrooge saying this – and it’s not for lack of loving the season, and I’m really grateful to those who send us lovely cards. Thankfully Mr Bond quite enjoys card writing so he does this task on behalf of both of us.

The world of gift wrap is more my scene. It’s creative, enjoyable and far more satisfying.

So that’s how we split the Christmas jobs in our home and everyone’s as happy as a Christmas robin.

If you need convincing about gift wrapping then let me share a few thoughts on how to make it less of a chore and bring more joy into your life.


With 2 weeks to go to the big day, I have just done finished the family and friends wrapping and plan to do Mr Bond’s secret wrapping in the next few days when he goes out. It helps to split the job into small manageable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed and fed-up. However joyful you feel at the beginning, that will definitely fade if you try and do everything at once!


Set out your stall on the kitchen table with rolls of paper, sticky tape, scissors, tags and pens. If you have everything within arms reach you won’t get frustrated when you keep having to pause and search for something. Make sure you’re well stocked with gift wrap. It’s better to buy too much and have a bit leftover for last minute things, than run out just before the end.

This year my pen game is strong. I have mobilised my gel pens, my sharpies and my metallics for beautiful label writing. Theres 51 weeks in the year to use boring black, why not cheer yourself up with some bright and sparkly pens.


Get yourself a weighted sticky tape dispenser and plenty of rolls of tape – you can thank me later.  Alternatively try these new wrap fixers from Lakeland. You get 400 fixers for £4.99 and they’ll be perfect for those of you who love a neat parcel.


I’m assuming, good people, that you have some kind of list. Yes? It might not be a spreadsheet covering the last 5 years  (like me … I know!) but who cares. It might be the back of an envelope but you need a list to make sure you’ve found all the gifts you’ve hidden away in the back of the wardrobe or the bottom drawer.  Even with my extensive list, I managed to find 2 missing items today after I’d put everything away!

If for some horrific reason, you are still shopping. Goodness, I don’t know what to say. Except check out our Christmas Gift Guide for some last minute inspiration


We might disagree on this point, but I’ll say it anyway. Choose 1 design of gift wrap and stick with it. Your presents will look very classy under the tree and it creates a kind of annual theme which I find immensely pleasing! The only deviation from this which looks lovely is to get tissue paper in one of the colours of your main paper and mix and match. Quite stylish I think.

I’m very brand loyal to M&S when it comes to wrapping. I think it’s actually become part of our tradition to troop down to the our local M&S and choose the annual paper. It’s always 3 for 2 and they have a really great choice.

My advice would be this.

  • Avoid the sparkly paper – the sticky tape doesn’t stick to it and it’ll make you mad.
  • Avoid the glossy paper – it doesn’t fold well and you can’t get nice hospital corners.
  • Choose paper with a grid on the reverse – really helps with tidy wrapping
  • Choose paper you love – you’re going to be looking at it for a good while so the design needs to make you happy.

If you stick to one design, then at the great big family opening session, everyone will know which presents are from you straight away!


It might be Elvis, Buble, or Nat King Cole. You might like traditional carols and high brow sounds or a spot of jazz. Choose the tunes that make you feel happy and christmassy and get it on the ipod, ipad, bluetooth, laptop or whatever is your listening device of choice.

In my case it’s Mr Buble every time. You’re welcome.



Depending on the time of day, you need either a great cup of coffee in your Christmas mug, or a warming glass of spiced mulled wine. The choice is yours but either will serve to enhance the christmas spirit in your kitchen.


I’m usually all over the ribbon and bows, but this year we’re flying so everything has to get packed into a suitcase. For the avoidance of crushed bows and other related disappointments, I have opted for Christmas labels which are easier, quicker and really pretty.

Try these beauties from Busy B, the very clever stationery people. You get 135 individual labels per pack in either metallic or red and green for just £3.99. Busy B have advent offers every day during December or you can use our special discount code JUDITHXMAS  to give you 25% off everything, minimum spend £15.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, including gift sets of two products or more, Valid from 1st – 31st December 2017. Discount cannot be applied after order has been placed

I’ve got a bit carried away this year and stuck them on all our card envelopes too – they’re too cute. Especially this sweet little robin – my favourite.


Whether it’s Rufus the Afghan Hound, or Harvey the miniature dachsund – as in our family – it’s their Christmas too. They might not be completely conscious of the day, but they’re part of the family, and there’s more joy in giving and all that.

By the way, other pets are available, and I guess they need gifts too – unless they’re a goldfish?


There’s still ages to go until the Big Day, your wrapping is done and everything looks gorgeous. Time for a coffee refill and a sit down. It’s a big tick off your list of jobs. There’s plenty more to get done, but well done YOU.

If you need more inspiration check out our tips for decorating your home and ideas for delicious festive baking

What are your tips for wrapping up? Show us your parcels. We’d love to hear from you in the blog comments

Merry wrapping and a happy new year

Judith x


[I am a brand ambassador for Busy B and was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own]



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