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Grab the popcorn: 6 TV series I’ve been watching

Staying in is the new going out. So what TV series will you be watching during the lockdown?

One of my favourite things about the early months of the (normal) year is the brilliant drama series on TV. We’ve recently acquired a Samsung Frame Smart TV which is helping us to appreciate great winter dramas even more, and, being our first smart TV, opening our eyes to the joys of Prime TV.

Hopefully the TV networks will keep up the standard over the coming few months as we’ll all be at home looking for the next great thing to watch.

Here’s my 6 most recent favourite series:

1 Vera – ITV

We’ve been watching DCI Vera Stanhope’s escapades since the very beginning and after the 10th series, I’m tempted to watch them all again. Brenda Blethyn and her long-suffering but loyal team are sensational. So if you fancy a good crime drama set in the gorgeous North East there’s plenty of episodes on ITV hub to keep you going until series 11. Vera reminds me a little bit of – the now vintage – Columbo – the incomparable Peter Falk in his shabby trench coat bumbling around.

Rolling up in her beat up LandRover, shapeless green mac and floppy fishing hat, questioning her prime suspect with laser vision and a generous sprinkling of “love”.

Isn’t she priceless?

2 Endeavour – BBC

I have always had a soft spot for Inspector Morse and shared in the national mourning when John Thaw’s early death brought an end to one of the BBC’s best loved detective dramas. Thank goodness for Kevin Whateley continuing the story through Lewis, and now we have the excellent Shaun Evans bringing us Endeavour Morse’s early life. He’s perfect, isn’t he? Every time I see him on screen he’s becoming more and more like his future self.

Congratulations to the BBC on this outstanding production. Be assured that those of us who loved the little details of the original series have really noticed the careful way you’re gradually morphing Shaun Evans into our beloved Morse. And if you’re old enough to remember the 1960s you’ll love the attention to detail.

Series 7 was the best yet and you could have heard a pin drop in our house during the finale – Zenana.

You need to watch this.

3 Death in Paradise – BBC

If you haven’t discovered Death in Paradise, it’s a little ray of sunshine on a Thursday night. Saint Marie (filmed in Guadeloupe) is like the Midsommer of the Caribbean. It’s murder HQ with the best views on television and a large shot of Rum.

There’s something comforting about knowing exactly what to expect. A body. An investigation. Some antics. A lightbulb moment. A “Poirot style” gathering. An arrest. Drinks all round.

After the departure of the original DI Ben Miller, I wasn’t sure I would ever get over it, but all the successive characters have been just as loveable in their own ways. I’m looking forward to Ralph Little (and his allergies) in the next series. Roll on January 2021.

4 This is Us – Amazon Prime

Every 6 weeks my hairdresser and I discuss what we’ve been watching and give each other ideas for a new series. Last time Eleanor was raving about This Is Us, a American family drama based around a family of triplets. It quickly draws you in with the cross generational story. We’re completely addicted and just about to start Season 3.

Let’s not talk about when I might next see my hairdresser!!!

5 Flesh and Blood – ITV Hub

This one is predictably unpredictable. You might think it’s that well told story – 60 something widow meets new man, grown up children can’t stand him and fear for their inheritance, new man has secrets. Can he be trusted?

We know someone dies at the end. But we don’t know who? or whether they’re actually dead?

And Imelda Staunton is creepily brilliant. Keep watching

6 Murder 24/7 – BBC iPlayer

And now for a dose of reality. And it’s just as gripping as any drama you might have watched. We get to follow a CID team right through a murder investigation and see how it’s done in the real world. You get to see just how many officers of different specialisms are involved in bringing criminals to justice.

What have you been watching? I’d love to hear your recommendations. We all have a lot of hours to fill.

Judith xx

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