When you only have one profile picture of yourself that you actually like, and when you’ve had it for 3 years – you know it’s time to do something about it.

I’m pleased to say that I have finally taken the plunge and got some headshots done. I thought about it for a long time, scoured Pinterest and collected images I liked and finally approached Lisa Fotios Photography to help me.

My idea was to create some images that had some life about them. Formal headshots may have their place in a more formal corporate setting, but as a business creative, I wanted images that reflected the work I do and the relationship I want to have with my clients.


Up until then, Lisa had only done commercial images on a white background and little did I know that she was desperate to do something new. My ideas really seemed to inspire her and I was delighted that we were both on the same sheet. I shared my Pinterest board with her and she printed off some images that we both liked.

I really wanted a coffee shop vibe, so suggested that we approach Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias and ask if we could use his restaurant space as a ‘set’. No problem – the staff were very happy.


When you’re at all interested in photography, it’s very uncomfortable being on the other side of the camera and I was quite anxious about the whole process.  I wasn’t worried about Lisa, as I knew she would do a great job. I was more concerned about my performance. Would I be able to relax enough to make it work? Would we be able to get the shots I have imagined? I’m a natural worrier, so it doesn’t take much ….


We sat in a corner with the daylight streaming in, sipping coffees and styling the tables to fit the images we wanted. I brought my MacBook, Nikon, a pile of notebooks, and my favourite pen.

John Fotios came along too which was really helpful. Unless you are used to being photographed, it’s much easier to have someone to make you smile, than trying to smile at inanimate objects. John told me all his best jokes and we didn’t stop smiling for a good hour.


Very few of the final images have me looking at the camera and the best ones are the most natural expressions. When I got the images back from Lisa a couple of days later, I was delighted. There was a mixture of black and white and colour which I had asked for, and the finish was just beautiful. Lisa sent me the photos in web format so that I could use them straightaway on the website and social media. She also made me a CD with the large format files on for me to keep.  It’s important to have the files in the right format for web and other digital based media.


John manages my website for me so he was able to upload some images straight If you have a look at the page Meet Judith you’ll see how well the images slot into the look of the website. I’ve also used the images on my social media pages to good effect. I have recently been asked to provide headshots for press releases etc, and these images are just perfect for those sort of occasions.

Lisa has also been able to benefit from the images in her own marketing and it’s fun to see the pictures popping up all over the place! She’s even blogged about it on her website.



The world is all about image.

If we want to succeed in business then we have to present ourselves appropriately and professionally for our line of work.  Now I could have chosen images surrounded by cakes, buttercream and piping bags – but I chose a coffee shop as it’s professional, friendly, relaxed and how I like to meet people.

Your image is so much more that just a picture – you are communicating emotions and values with your potential clients.

Whenever I look on a website – if there isn’t a photograph of the person I want to do business with, I’m always a little suspicious.

When I did my first Social Media course, somebody advised me never to put a photograph as your profile picture in case you put people off! That advice sounded a bit off to me. I’ve always thought it important for people to know what I look like. So I’ve always had a distinctive profile picture and use the same one across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and PInterest.

When I meet a client for a cake consultation- they immediately recognise me across the room, which is helpful, and that’s down to the photograph.


I love my photographs! Not because I want people to be looking at me, but because it gives my business a really professional sharp edge which I hope sets me apart from others in my industry.

I would thoroughly recommend Lisa Fotios for the whole service that she offers and am so grateful to her for the amazing job she has done for me.

So if your image needs some help, don’t keep putting it off like I did. Get up and do something about it.

That’s all for now











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