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Say hello to my beautiful Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker.

Believe me when I say, coffee time has never been so exciting. If you get a post lockdown invitation to Cafe Bond, you will now have the delightful choice of Bean to cup Espresso, Stovetop brewed Moka, or (the latest happy acquisition) Bodum Pour Over Jug.

When lockdown was announced, all those months ago, I didn’t mind the “staying at home”. I was quite happy to lay low and enjoying the local area. But the thought of running out of decent coffee beans for my morning brews put me into a state of mild panic. As it turned out some of our local roasteries carried on their good work. Thank goodness for that.

In the season where the little things really are the big things, I’ve had great fun experimenting a little bit. Enjoyed having the time and inclination to try new things. You can read about my Adventures with Moka in a previous blog. But today I want to tell you about my Pour Over Jug from the clever people at Bodum.

Isn’t she beautiful?

If you look forward to your coffee break, if it’s the highlight of your morning, if you like a bit of theatre in your life, then this gorgeous lady will be a welcome asset to your coffee cupboard.

Bodum Pour Over Jug

After a bit of research, I decided to go amateur rather than professional.

If you’re really keen you can order the whole pro kit. But if you fancy trying the pour over experience from home, without the full barista qualification, then this might be ideal for you.

The main advantage is the permanent stainless steel filter, removing the need to keep buying paper filters. You just rinse the filter out for next time. The fine mesh stainless steel filter “promotes the pure unfolding of the flavor – no more paper filters that trap the essential oils and flavors”.

Coffee experts all seem to agree that the pour over technique gives the best flavour result compared to other methods.

You don’t really need a fancy water kettle either. I just fill up the filter with hot water from the kettle (slightly off the boil). If you pour slowly and evenly, the coffee can release it’s rich taste and aroma.

I chose a pale cream silicone cuff that protects your hands from the hot glass, which by the way is “tasteless borosilicate glass” and dishwasher safe.

I will use this jug when friends come round for (SD) garden coffee. When folk can finally come into our home for a cuppa with a freshly baked cupcake (if they’re lucky) . I will use it when I sit at my desk for a writing session and need a good few cups. It won’t get used every day. But when I lift it down from my coffee shelf, there will be theatre in my kitchen.

Discovering the Divine

One of the delightful discoveries of lockdown has been Divine Coffee a small batch coffee roaster in the city of York, where I spent 4 years as a history student. Fabulous customer service. Roasted to order. On your doorstep within 24 hours of ordering. Check them out.

If you fancy a taster I recommend the Coffee Starter Selection with 3 unique coffees – Fortuna, Pato and Decaf – 250g each – for just £14.50. So far we’ve loved the Bloom blend and the Ethiopian Single Origin, and look forward to trying more. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your first order.

Coffee time has never been so exciting. I can’t say I won’t be rushing back to my favourite coffee shop for a fluffy oat cappucino when the time comes. We’re all missing our barista brews. Right?

But having started off in a state of panic, I’ve been quite surprised by the opportunity lockdown has given me to try new brewing methods, new roasters, new flavours. I might even have acquired a few new mugs.

Let me know about your lockdown coffee experience. Are you desperate to get back to your local coffee shop? Have you discovered any new beans that you’d recommend?

That’s all for now

Judith xx

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