How lovely yellow is

There’s a good reason the brick road is yellow. And we all know it’s not about where you’re going, it’s about who you meet along the way. If you follow the yellow brick road, you’ll find all the best things along the way – daffodils, baby chicks, sunbeams, lemon curd, honey and sunflowers.

But enough about Dorothy. I need to tell you. I’m all “yellowed up” for Easter. Ever since I spied the perfect yellow stripe Breton top, I’ve been smitten. It’s not the easiest colour to wear, I’m sure. I’m not even convinced it suits me as well as other colours. But I don’t care. I’m wearing it anyway. Because it makes me feel happy.


Mr Bond sweetly bought me the yellow stripe top of my dreams as a birthday gift, and since then I may have added a few bit and bobs. A girl needs to accessorise – right? Say hello to my new yellow friends.


First up my much sought after bright and smiley Joules Yellow Pumps. I’ve spend the entire winter in a pair of Sketchers which, by the way, are like slippers and I have no complaints. But it’s time for a change.

Enter stage left – my happy pumps. Can you tell I’m smiling? After seeing them online, going to the Chester shop to try my size, finding they don’t have them, and realising with horror that the website is out of stock. I was about ready to give up and be super disappointed. Until they popped up on Amazon. Good old Amazon, and they even included the 25% Joules spring discount. Delivered by Prime the next day.

I know you’re excited about my other yellow friends, so let me tell you immediately.


They’re light and fresh, hopefully made of linen so you get that “soft and pleasing” crinkle, and fill in that exposed gap round your neck before summer arrives. A spring scarf finishes an outfit so nicely, don’t you think? Even in hot summer, I always take a couple of linen scarves with me on holiday for those G&T nights when you need another layer. You know the ones?

Since White Stuff knew it was my birthday, they kindly sent me a £10 voucher which I immediately spent on the most adorable yellow linen scarf. It even has the tiniest pom poms on the corners. So cute.


I made a new IG friend. Her name is Layla Amber and she makes the most show stopping jewellery It’s handmade with love and a big dollop of talent, it’s bright and sunny, and I want all of it. For my little yellow season, I picked a stunner – the Daffodil Posy Brooch. It’s 5cm wide and quite a show stopper. I love the big daffodil. The forget me knot reminds me of childhood adventures, and the pink blossoms are the essence of spring. It was so difficult to choose and I feel this might be the beginning of a collection.


I always say that if I could only buy from one shop for evermore it would be Seasalt Cornwall. I discovered them about 5 years ago and fell in love with the colours, the fabric, and the designs – all inspired by Cornwall’s beaches and artistic heritage. I’m probably their perfect customer. There branding and social media is totally on point. I read every email they send, engage with every image they post, and spend a lot of time in the gorgeous Chester shop trying to decide what to buy next. This necklace is from last summer. I bought it to wear with one of their SS18 dresses. The nearest equivalent this season is the ‘Simple Forms Necklace‘ in the colour ‘seedling’. Truth is, I’d quite like this one too. I love the simplicity of their jewellery. Bright colours, bold shapes and just a bit different.


I’m a morning coffee, afternoon tea sort of girl. Does anyone else have different cups for tea and coffee? I hope so. Some cups are just more suited to the strong dark stuff, while others are more “afternoony” and perfect for a light fresh cup of Ceylon tea. This “roly poly” mug from Avoca makes me smile and it’s the perfect shape to warm your hands on a chilly April afternoon.


It’s dangerous out there friends. No girl should even consider leaving the house without a notebook. Life is a cycle of thoughts and ideas leading to lists. And for lists there are notebooks. But not all notebooks are created equal. You need one that you love so when you pull it out of your handbag, it makes you smile and feel inspired. I couldn’t resist this “Hello Sunshine” notebook from Busy B. It’s really too pretty to scribble in but I will at some point and promise to do my best handwriting.

I’ve gathered all my new yellow friends and we’re having a lovely time together.

How’s your spring wardrobe looking? Have you bought anything new? Something yellow perhaps? I hope you’ve enjoyed this, I know it’s the kind of thing I love to write about so I hope you find it interesting too! Let me know if you want to see more posts with style content like this one

Happy Days

Judith x

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