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How to keep your glow all winter long

Where do you go for your winter glow?

I don’t mean which fake tan brand do you use or which is your favourite G&T. I mean your inner glow that comes from taking care of yourself.

For me it comes from  a good sleep, healthy food, and nightly hot baths that involve BODY SCRUB.

I’ve recently been trying a few different brands so thought I’d share my thoughts here on the blog.


GLOW Body Scrub | organic lemon grass with dead sea salt and coconut oil 

Nathalie Bond Organics have recently changed the formulation of their body scrub so I’ve been keen to try it. All their products are organic (soil association certified), handmade in small batches, natural, botanical, chemical and cruelty free. That’s a great start for me.

I chose the GLOW body scrub. It’s organic lemongrass with dead sea salt and coconut oil. Honestly, if you stick your nose in the pot and close your eyes, you could be in a Sicilian Lemon Grove. It’s properly lemony.

We all need a little bit of luxury in our everyday lives, don’t we? And this one feels like a treat at the end of the day. I love to use it on my feet and legs as well as arms and shoulders. It leaves your skin super soft – the next day too.

There’s 2 more choices in the range if you fancy something different – REVIVE, with peppermint and eucalyptus, or SUNSHINE, with grapefruit, bergamot, ylang yang and cedar. They all sound amazing.

It’s £19 for a 180ml plastic free pot and you’ll get 10% if you use the code JUDITHBOND

£19 180ml


BODY SMOOTH refreshing polish 

Now let’s talk about what Tropic Skincare brings to the table, or should I say the bathtub. Did you know, friends, that this Body Smooth Refreshing Polish is Tropic’s founding products.  Suzy Ma, at the age of 15, made her first pots of body scrub in her garden shed to sell at Greenwich Market. It’s still one of their bestsellers with an unchanged recipe. Intrigued?

It smells like lemon sorbet and is a joy to share a bath with. Natural and completely vegan, it’s packed with mineral rich sea salt, Australian lemon myrtle, jojoba oil and macadamia nut oil. At £24 for a 200ml pot it’s not the cheapest but it is great value. I’ve had mine on the side of the bath for 6 months and it’s still giving. The oily consistency means you can use it sparingly and still enjoy the amazing benefits. Its comes in a lovely cotton bag with a very cute little wooden spoon. Perfect as a gift, but better to keep.

£24 200ml


OLIVE exfoliating cream body scrub

I use The Body Shop less these days as they only claim to be cruelty free. A few years back, they stood out on the High Street for their Forever Cruelty Free claim, but today they make no claim to be chemical free. All their products are vegetarian but only about half are vegan – honey and beeswax feature heavily in their product range.  They’ve supported Community Trade since Anita Roddick started the business in the 80s. Still a good choice, but not if you want 100% vegan.

The Olive Body Scrub is part of the Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub range and includes coconut, Moringa and Almond Milk.  I chose the Olive simply because it reminded me of Spanish holidays! The organic olives have been harvested by hand and cold pressed at the Nuovo Cilento Cooperative in Campania, Italy since 2000.

I’m a big fan of plant based ingredients and would always chose something herbal or citrusy over highly perfumed florals. This scrub is creamier that the others and a vibrant shade of green that takes you straight to the sun drenched olive groves that we’ve all loved on holiday.

£15 250ml

So I suppose you want to know my favourite?

It’s tricky because I like them all for different reasons.

I love the Tropic Body Smooth because it’s a bit of luxury, free from everything unnatural, and looks great on the side of my bath.

I love the Nathalie Bond Organics Glow because of the showstopping scent, the beautiful packaging and the small batch production.

I love the Body Shop Olive Scrub because of the creamy texture and the sweet earthy smell.

I’d pick Nathalie Bond Organics for a gift, Tropic for a treat to myself and Body Shop for an everyday staple.

How’s that?

Have you tried any of these? Maybe you have another favourite Scrub? I’d love to hear what you think?

That’s all for now

Judith xx



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