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How to keep your hair happy with Tropic Skincare

I have the thickest hair in the world.

Honestly, it’s true.

I’ve always had to use shampoo and a large dollop of conditioner for every wash, convinced that only this will tame my unruly mop into submission. I’ve had mixed results with the usual brands and I get through a shed load of conditioner.

When Tropic sent me their Hair Care Discovery Kit to try, I was intrigued to see whether it would feel different, how it would manage my barnet, and whether it’s worth the price tag.

There’s basically 4 products to try

1  Clarifying Hair Wash (Shampoo)

2  Nourishing Hair Cleanser (Gentle Shampoo)

3  Hair Feast (Conditioner)

4  Hair Smooth (Styling Oil)

The first 3 are all a similar colour, shape and labelling so make sure you know which you’ve grabbed before you get in the shower without your specs.


It feels a bit like the ABC of skincare only this is the “ABC of haircare”. You just need to find out which combination suits you best and stick with it.


There’s new terminology to learn but it makes sense. The Hair Wash replaces Shampoo. It’s created sulphite, paraben and cruelty free – music to my ears – with all natural ingredients to cleanse and refresh your hair. And it really does. It’s a light thin consistency – a little goes a very long way.  Also it smells amazing – fresh and summery. Think refreshing lemon sorbet on the beach in the sunshine, but instead of soggy sandy hair, your tresses will be bouncing in the breeze – soft, smooth and glossy.

Clarifying Hair Wash 250ml £16


This is more of a gentle cleanser, developed for sensitive scalps and dry hair. If you’re toying with the vegan life, you’ll know all about the hidden power of nut oils in our diet. This has Macadamia oil in abundance, which helps restore dry hair. It’s packed with arginine – an essential nut based amino acid – that gives protection and (hallelujah) prolongs our colour. It doesn’t foam and is really gentle on your scalp.

You can even add a scalp massager for an extra £5. That might be nice.

Nourishing Hair Cleanser 250ml £18


The clue’s in the name with this one. It’s a proper feast for your hair. I normally need a giant blob of conditioner to soften up and calm down my super thick hair but again found that less is more.

My lovely Tropic Ambassador advised me that conditioner should only be applied to the ends of my hair and not massaged into the scalp. Top Tip. So I’m using less, working just a small amount through the ends and seeing great results.

I wash my hair 2/3 times a week but it can be used as a daily treatment, or an intensive conditioning mask if left for 10 minutes or more.

The Murumuru butter, from tropical palm fruits, gives strength and shine, and the jojoba and tamanu  – full of vitamins and minerals – give deep hydration, and are great for dry scalps and dandruff.

Hair Feast 200ml £18


Once all the bathing and beautifying is over, you’ll need to actually dry your hair. If you’re anything like me you’ll take a deep breath, prop your phone up so you can be entertained by IG stories while you dry, and tolerate the next 15 minutes while you attempt to drag your wet hair into some sort of socially acceptable style.

I recently invested in a GHD Hairdryer which is moderately marvellous, but hasn’t made anything like the positive difference that Tropic Hair Smooth has made.

For years I have been using an “off the shelf” blow dry spray. 3 for 2 of course, but here’s my promise – if you try this gorgeous Hair Smooth just a couple of time – you’ll never go back  to your old ways again.

Just 1 tiny squirt massaged into wet hair makes all the difference in the world. Don’t be tempted to use more – it’s oil, remember.

Think of the most exotic fruit you can imagine, then scoop out the flesh, remove the seeds and extract the oil – passion fruit oil, of course.

Remember that night when you sat on the edge of a Balian beach watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand.  It’s that moment in a little bottle. Much better than L’Oreal, because you really are worth more.

Hair Smooth Radiance Oil 75ml £24


I was genuinely impressed with the results and was able to style my hair in less time, with less fuss, and without any additional products.

I am resolved to never return to ‘big brand’ chemical pumped products and will always choose cruelty free. I love the Wash, the Feast and the Smooth – they work well for me. They’re my new ABC.

The price tag still stings a little but I know that sustainable shopping is about more than just the amount of cash I have to part with.  It’s about value, surely? And the fact that the products are gorgeous, they may hair happy, and they last a jolly long time makes it ok for me.

If you fancy trying it out before committing to the full size bottles – you can order the Hair Care Discovery Kit. You get a 50ml bottle of each (as pictured) and a 10ml Hair Smooth – for £20.

We’ve also reviewed Tropic daily skincare and some gorgeous Tropic Bathtime Treats. There’s also some delicious facial products for men if you’re in need of a gift idea.

Happy hair days

Judith x


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