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I finally picked my Word of the Year | ABIDE

Do you have a Word of the Year? This is my 4th year of choosing a Word of the Year – Joy, Comfort and Refuge have preceded this one. Refuge was especially apt for 2020, and I loved the idea of Comfort & Joy for 2019 – a familiar phrase from a Christmas Carol that really resonated with me for the whole year.

But it’s already half way through February?

I know. I did choose my word in early January but I’ve been waiting for my special “thing” to arrive. This year I chose an embroidered hoop, ordered from the lovely Nicole at Bairndesigns. I chose her Name and Flower hoop with ivory text, duck egg flowers and sage leaves. Perfect for my lounge shelves.

The Word I’ve chosen for my 2021 is


I love the depth of meaning in just a simple word. That’s the beauty of the English language.

What does it really mean to abide?

Collins dictionary defines it like this

  • Endurance – to tolerate, put up with
  • To accept or submit to, suffer
  • Remain – to remain faithful to
  • Standing fast, remaining or continuing
  • Inhabit – to dwell, tarry, live
  • Waiting in expectation

For me it’s not just a word about staying home – although that’s a big part of it. It’s about being rooted and grounded in mind, body and spirt. It’s about choosing where to focus and keeping the focus.

Endurance is something we’ve all learnt in 2020. We’ve had little choice. But I want to chose endurance this year.

We’ve had no choice but to inhabit our homes – 5 rooms – in my case, that have become comfortable and very familiar.

Sometimes to live is just laying on the sofa until the anxiety passes. Living is whatever you need it to be to get through the days. But it’s about life. Not just existence.

It’s really hard to remain in a world that wants to hurry us along, wants us to experience everything at the speed of light. This year I want to remain steadfast and faithful to the things of my faith that matters, the things that keep my body well and the things that calm my mind.

To stay, to tarry, to sojourn. One of the simple benefits of staying in one place is that you notice ordinary things. I’ve loved watching the garden change day by day, watching the trees swish their way through the seasons. I’ve loved watching the birds in the garden, feeding, nesting and bring their chicks out to play.

Also I have the best verse

It’s not the one I expected to share. John’s Gospel chapter 15 is the obvious place to go for teaching on where we should abide.

But I found this verse – Isaiah 32: 19

“My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwelling and in quiet resting places”

God promises peace, security and quiet to his people. That’s where I’ll be abiding this year.

Stay Home. Stay safe. Abide.

Judith xx

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