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Morning routines with Tropic Skincare

We have a house guest. His name is Ernie. I never want him to leave.

Actually I’m thinking if I hide him, then when his Mum comes for him, play dumb.

I know it’s naughty but having Ernie has been a blast. We’ve had a super time.

OK I’ll come clean.  Ernie is a box. A very delightful box with a big heart, and he’s crammed full of Tropic Skincare goodies – samples of all sorts of face, body and bath products to try.

My bathroom has been like a home spa all weekend and I’m loving it!


I’m not a big make up wearer, but I’m all about the skincare. When you reach the wrong side of 40 it’s about time you take your skin seriously. I heard about Tropic a while back and watched it from a distance for a while.

Susie Ma didn’t win the Apprentice, but maybe she actually did. Sir Alan Sugar took some samples home to his wife and the rest is history. 7 years later Tropic is winning all the awards, getting rave reviews for their innovative products, loved by beauty bloggers and all over Instagram.

They’re leading the charge in the #greenbeautyrevolution and making a real difference one bottle of cleanser at a time.


I want to tell you about ALL the loveliness I’ve tried from the “Ernie Box” and I will. But thought I would start with the morning routine so as not to overwhelm you with the goodies.


For about 9 months I’ve been using Tropic’s Smoothing Cleanser every morning.  It’s a rich creamy cleanser that wakes you up gently with it’s uplifting scents of eucalyptus (my favourite) and rosemary essential oils. It comes with a soft bamboo face cloth which you can pop in the wash and reuse. Other ingredients are jojoba and sweet almond along with green tea extract – full of antioxidants to melt away make up and impurities

120ml £16


I wish that toning my other body parts was as easy as toning my face. It’s just a quick spritz of Vitamin Toner on your face and you’re away. So refreshing and invigorating – that’ll be the aloe vera and cranberry extract. Very fruity.

120ml £16


“Skin Revive” has been my go-to moisturiser for quite a few months and I didn’t think I could be any more in love. Until they upgraded to Skin Feast – this replaces the daily moisturiser with a “nourishing cream concentrate”.

The smell alone will make you swoon.

But wait until I tell you it’s jam packed with 20 fresh skin loving plants with fruit and flower extracts. Bet you’ve never heard of the Australian kakadu plum? Me neither! The clever Tropic people have added ectoin and hyaluronic acid – all natural ingredients to give all-day hydration.

It’s £24 for the 50ml bottle. Should last 3 months. That’s 26p per day.

50ml £24


How about trying the Skincare Discovery Kit. You get a 50ml Smoothing Cleanser and essential bamboo face cloth, a 30ml Skin Feast, 30ml Toner and a 5ml Super Greens (rave reviews, no less). It’s just £28, and it’s great to pop in your hand luggage for your next adventure.  It even comes in a joyous cotton travel bag.


Other skincare is available  but if you want to make a difference – check where it comes from, how it’s made and what the ingredients are.  The world is changing folks and we need to change with it. Who’s with me?

Thank you Sandra Pierce at Looking Good Naturally for taking the time to put Ernie together and deliver him to my house. I have loved trying everything and feel very honoured to be the very first client Ernie has visited.

More on Tropic another day so stay tuned …

Judith x


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