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It’s here! The Tropic Skincare Selection Box

Say hello to the only selection box you’ll be needing this season – the Skincare Selection Box from Tropic Skincare.

There are 2 types of people. People who love Tropic Skincare and people who haven’t tried it yet. Honestly it’s true. I tried the products before I knew anything about the company. I’d heard of Suzie Ma from the Apprentice, and my friend just joined Tropic as an Ambassador – that’s all. I didn’t rush in. Just watched from a distance for a good 12 months. I wasn’t heavily persuaded. Just decided one day to try their much talked about “Skin Feast“, a completely natural and plant based facial moisturiser – and loved it. I haven’t really looked back.

So suffice it to say – I’m a fan. My skin is noticeably healthier, cleaner and happier.

Twice a year Tropic Skincare have a big party for their Ambassadors and they announce a bunch of new products. Spring and Autumn are very exciting seasons in the skincare world.

So what’s new ….

Let’s talk Selection Boxes?

Who remembers those yummy selection boxes we used to get for Christmas? Maybe shaped like a Christmas stocking with all your favourite chocolate bars. Or what about those giant Milk Tray boxes with 2 whole layers and deliciousness. The joy of finding a whole new layer underneath and the naughtiness of pinching from the second layer when the top layer is still going. These days I’m more partial to a box of Lindors at the bottom of my stocking. The excitement levels are still pretty high.

So I’ve decided that – much as I love a Lindor – the adult version of the selection box is something like Tropic Skincare’s latest offering. The Tropic Skincare Selection. You can keep all the pumpkins, if I can have a Tropic Skincare Selection box carefully curated for my personal skincare needs.

So I’ve treated myself to this box of delights and couldn’t be happier.

What’s in the Skincare Selection box?

There 3 different versions of the Skincare Selection box

1 Clear & Balance

ABC Skincare (includes Smoothing Cleanser, Vitamin Toner, Skin Feast and a Bamboo Face Cloth), Clear Skin Mask, Pure Lagoon and Super Greens.

2 Brighten & Renew

ABC Skincare, Face Lift Mask, Glow Berry & Fruit Peel

3 Hydrate and Nourish

ABC Skincare, Deep Hydration Mask, Rainforest, Skin Dream (night cream)

Another new thing about this Skincare Selection Box is that you can choose scented or unscented. Brilliant news if you are really sensitive to smells. I’m quite sensitive to stronger smells – regularly hold my nose when Mr B squirts aftershave all round the bathroom – but the gentle plant scents in Tropic products are quite therapeutic for me.

Thinking outside the box

Now if you’re already a fan – you’ll be thrilled to hear that the Skincare Selection Box will save you £60 before you’ve even taken a breath.

Buying the products individually will set you back an eye watering £158. Buying them as a “box” will be £98, or £96 for the “eco” version – without the actual box.

I would say that it looks mighty pretty in it’s presentation box and would make a gorgeous gift. Have a look here. All Tropic’s packaging is 100% biodegradable so no worries in that department.

My thoughts on the Skincare Selection box

I’m totally addicted to Tropic’s ABC skincare. Have been for about 3 years. I use all 3 in the morning and a combination of Vitamin Toner and Skin Dream at night. I kindly received my first bottle of Skin Dream as a gift at the Tropic launch, and now I simply can’t do without it. It feels a little bit richer that the morning Skin Feast – a proper “nightly indulgence’ for your face. The smell reminds me of rich chocolate – it’s the murumuru butter. It’s also packed with bio-retinol and hyaluronic acid – much needed for plumping up skin and encouraging overnight collagen production.

I’m trying to include Face Mask in my weekly bath time routine. Usually Sunday night. I’m using Deep Hydration mask just now – the purple one – which does exactly what it says on the tin. It contains fresh ingredients so they advise you keep it in the fridge. It’s the perfect self care treat while you’re waiting for the bath to fill. It’s main ingredient is “resurrection flower” and who doesn’t need a dose of that.

The Glow Berry is a brand new product and hands down wins the award for “prettiest bottle in your bathroom cabinet”. I’ve only just started using it so will write a fuller blog post when I can give you a proper review. It’s designed to help with hyper pigmentation. If you have “age spots” or sun damage from not applying SPF (naughty naughty), this is the “brightening” serum for you.

Advice if you’re brand new to Tropic

If you’re keen to buy the Skin Selection Box – go ahead. But you might like to try the Skin Discovery Kit first. At £28 it’s a cheaper start and you get to try the basics before you commit. It’s a great little travel kit for weekends away and the minis are really quite generous (Cleanser 50ml. Toner 30ml. Skin Feast 20ml. Bamboo Cloth, Rainforest Dew Serum 5ml)

Here’s my best trick. I bought a Discovery Kit a while back and still use the Toner bottle, refilled from my large bottle, in my wash bag. You can do the same with the serum. You can keep refilling it with your favourite serum. Simples.

Are you a Tropic fan? What’s your favourite product? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Shopping

Judith xx

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