I might have found the best takeaway coffee cup ever.

I do like a good cup of coffee. The best way to drink it is sitting in one of my cafes of choice, absorbing the atmosphere, checking my emails or chatting with friends.

But sometimes I need my coffee to go – either just poured from my home bean to cup machine, or freshly ground from my local cafe – on the way to a conference, a cake delivery, or a business event.

The truth is that around 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away every year, with a mere 1% being recycled.

It’s about time we start thinking about our coffee cups with the same ethical approach that we show to other food packaging and plastic carrier bags.


Some coffee chains offer incentives for bringing your own reusable cup, but this is greatly underused.

Independent ethical coffee shops like Providero Teas & Coffees Llandudno  will offer fully recyclable cups but these are expensive to produce and not widely available.

So here’s my solution. I have bought myself a KEEP CUP – original reusable coffee cup. It’s described as the world’s first barista standard reusable cup – original, inventive and “designed for drinking pleasure on the go”

PS your drinking pleasure will be greatly increased if you make sure your cup is filled with Heartland coffee available at coffee houses across North Wales and online. Have a look at our review of their amazing coffee, or read about the day we tried coffee cupping.


It started in a Melbourne Cafe in 2008 with a simple idea – keep it and use it again.

Why buy a Keep Cup?

  • brilliant colours
  • hard lid for ease of use
  • lightweight and unbreakable
  • dishwasher safe
  • replaceable components
  • handy plug to cover mouthpiece and avoid spills
  • splash proof lid
  • volume size match cafe measures

I bought a minty green medium 12oz cup which fits perfectly into my car drink slot. My plan is to keep it in the car, so when I need a coffee on the go – I can just whip out my Keep Cup and feel much better that 1 less cup is getting thrown on the landfill site.

Style your own Keep Cup

Keep Cup make lots of other gorgeous colours so I’m excited to try different styles and sizes. You can even design your own through their website – pick your own colours, choose one of 5 sizes and style it yourself. I’m completely obsessed!

Even if you’re not remotely interested in recycling (shame on you!) you’ll still need one of these cups in your life – and I promise it will make smile every time you use it.


Judith x


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