Today I wrote my 165th blog since I started 2 years ago.

They’re long, short, full of images, sharing news, how to guides, recipes, baking tips, reviews and business advice. To be honest we’re still working out what you the reader enjoy, and what you’re less enthralled by.

There’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere just now about the power of ‘micro influencers’ and the news that brands are finally recognising the importance of small time bloggers who do it mostly for love, and not often for money!  Chloe Brewer, British Lifestyle Blogger and the voice behind Lady Writes wrote about this a few days ago and it generated a hugely positive response on her blog.

This is great news for “small” bloggers who write about their passions, write for their businesses, write about their travel adventures, their foodie loves, and a million other things.

So, with around 14,500 social followers we are considered a micro-influencer and therefore worth working with. We tweet, we gram, we post with a really engaged audience – and the percentage of people who see and engage with our posts is often higher than the bloggers with massive followings.


We have some exciting goals for our blog during 2017. It’s so much about engagement and trust and we’re keen to take both our loyal followers and new friends to the the next level.

We’re delighted to announce that we now have a Blog Media Kit.

Blog Media Kit available on our website, and in printed form. It’s a 2 sided Blog CV giving lots of information about the nature of our blog, our audience, our social statistics, and our monthly visitors. If you would like a copy, then you can see it on the website, or give us your address and we’ll post a copy out to you.

We’re thankful to Lisa Fotios of Indever for her super design skills and putting up with the nauseating number of minute changes I insisted on making. I’m afraid I’ve always been an “attention to detail” sort of girl.

Judith Bond Cakes’ blog is a collection of inspirational thoughts born out a love of cake, writing and photography. We’ve built up a loyal community of followers who visit our blog for the latest in cake style, recipe ideas, brand reviews and business tips

We’ve worked with a number of local businesses, helping them to promote their products and services – something we want to continue and roll out further across the region. We love to support other local businesses and champion North Wales life.

So here’s the thing. We need your help.

If we can help you to blog up your business with a guest blog, or review then we’d love to help.

Does your business need some social profile, do you have an opening event that you’d like us to review? Do you have a new shop or cafe? Are you launching a new product line, or service? Do you have a special offer that you’re trying to promote? Get in touch and tell us about it.

I know, I know – you’re wondering what difference it will really make?

Well, let me tell you about BusyB. If you love stationery then you’ll already be a fan of BusyB – they produce the most beautiful award winning stationery on the shelves of UK high profile retailers including John Lewis, Lakeland, Waterstones and Hobbycraft, and sell worldwide through their website

We wrote a guest blog for them. We had a great time working with them, reviewed one of their 2017 diaries and provided some high quality images taken in our studio. This resulted in our post being the most popular blog on their website during that month. This is what they said:

“Judith was able to showcase our products in a real business context with true relevance to Busy B readers. Her content was well written and her variety of images, brilliant. Judith was lovely to work with and assisted in the promotion of the blog. We’d love to work with her again” Busy B

You can read our BusyB blog here


At the moment we’re excited to be working with a international kitchenware brand on a blog series and web tutorials. We’re writing for a Chester based Accountancy firm, and we’re finalising some work for a growing coffee brand in North Wales.

We get such a buzz out of creating content for brands that we love, and for local businesses providing a great service in North Wales and beyond.

If we can help you, or you know someone who could do with a social boost – then get in touch, and we’ll chat.

That’s all for now



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