imageSurprise View Cottage is proving to be delightful and the peace and quiet is a real tonic.

As I write just now, I’m sitting on a bright green bistro set perched on a tiny balcony on the edge of the Cottage overlooking grassy fields, hawthorne hedges and apple trees heavy with fruit.

Swallows are hooping and diving around the Farmhouse and a family of pheasants are mooching round the field pecking out their next meal.

My soundtrack is the persistent mooing of a local herd, perhaps eager for their next milking, an afternoon chorus of chirping and tweeting birds hidden away in trees and bushes and the tumbling stream running alongside the farm into the River Dove.

There are no engine sounds, no voices, no mobile phones (due to the complete lack of signal and wifi) just me and my thoughts.

Today we were looking forward to welcoming the promised heatwave but sadly it hasn’t arrived in Yorkshire yet. Perhaps tomorrow …

So this morning we returned to the perfect little coffee shop in Helmsley that we found yesterday called The Sugared Butterfly for an essential dose of internet access and several large cappuccinos. It’s right on the edge of the Market Square so ideal for people watching as the Town slowly came to life for the new week.



Henry, our Mini Wire Haired Dachshund has reached his senior years now so holidays don’t hold the same excitement as they did when he was a young sausage. All he wants to do now is curl up in his car bed and sleep. This makes for ideal travelling so we took the chance to drive up from Pickering onto the Moors across to Whitby via Goathland, which apparently doubles up as Hogwarts Station.

The Tearoom at Grosmont was well worth a stop on the return journey if only to sample the warm plum pie and cream on offer, baked with homegrown plums.

As you can probably tell, this is not an activity holiday. We won’t be calling at Lightwater Valley or spending any time at Go Ape. We’ll be drinking coffee, discovering quaint towns and villages, indulging in local cakes and generally taking things slow.

So if you’re enjoying the slow pace of life, then tune in tomorrow for more thrills.

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