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It’s almost the weekend – and it’s time to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy your well-earned coffee break.

Here’s something to make you think –

If Facebook were a country, it would be the biggest nation on earth. 1.59 billion people log in to Facebook monthly, more than the entire population of China, where ironically Facebook has been blocked since 2009.

Every minute 1.8m ‘likes’ are made on Facebook. It’s way ahead of other platforms. Instagram has 400m followers, Twitter and Google+ have around 300m, with Linked In and Pinterest trailing with a mere 100m.

The average smartphone user checks Facebook 14 x per day. Love it or hate it – social media has changed our lives for the better and for the worse.

Often we are so busy ‘posting’ our lives that we forget to actually live our lives and be present in the moment. You only have to sit down in a coffee shop to witness the silent smartphone army; attend a social event and be caught up in selfies, food snaps and video clips.

Jim Elliot was a pioneer missionary to the Auca Indians in Ecuador, a great man of the Bible who became a young martyr for the Gospel in the early 1950s. Jim grew up in 1940s America, a lifetime ago and way before mobile phones! Yet he knew how distracting life can be.

In one of his books he offers this very modern and relevant advice

“Wherever you are, be all there”.

We could all get better at this.

Hopefully there’s a way for each of us to reap the benefits of the digital age we live in, but find that vital time to BE PRESENT in our own lives, our families lives and enjoy the moment just for what it is.

Enjoy your coffee!

Judith x



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