The budding leaves of spring herald the season of gratitude. We have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Sometimes we go through phases of life where being grateful is difficult. Our circumstances might be a struggle and we have to make a positive effort to show gratitude when we ourselves feel down or hard done by.

Here’s a few ideas to help cultivate gratitude in our lives— easy, practical things you can do to help spark joy and gratefulness even during life’s most stressful moments.

1) Keep a gratitude journal. Write down the things you’re grateful for. Maybe have a notebook on your desk or in your bag and write down the little things you’re thankful for. Write down people that you are thankful for, people who have done something thoughtful for you and it will really help you see things differently.

2) Watch your words.  Grateful people speak grateful words because they have grateful hearts (Emily Ley). Try and cultivate a grateful heart and this will flow over into your mind and then your words. So, instead of complaining about the customer that has changed their order, start being thankful that you have customers and that they continue to order from you. It’s just a little change of perspective!

3) Write thank you notes. Take your gratitude journal one step further, and show your gratitude to someone who deserves it — the neighbour that watering your garden while you were on holiday, the barista who makes your coffee, a business mentor that has helped you grow your business . I have printed cards to send out as my thank you notes with matching purple envelopes and I really hope that they bring joy to the life of a special person.

Thanks for reading …

Judith x

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