You know it’s Monday morning when you park outside your favourite Coffee House, settle down with a Guatemalan Americano, start creating this week’s blog, and you realise the car alarm is blaring out across the street, rush to find your keys and spill most of your Guatemalan all over the table.

But it’s #InternationalDayofHappiness today so I’m smiling mainly because I’ve just noticed that my free coffee stamp card says ‘He He He’. You’ve just gotta laugh!


Grateful thanks to the lovely lady on the next table who handed me a pile of napkins to mop up my table, and  then watched my bag while I hopped around outside trying to deactivate the alarm.

Truth is the car is only a few days old, and Henry little legs was sleeping in the back seat – so it was bound to happen!

So if you were ‘really annoyed ‘ on Upper Mostyn Street this morning with the persistent alarm, I apologise and hope your Monday morning improves.

I’m not a huge fan of these hashtag days but #InternationalDayofHappiness appeals to me especially when it falls on a Monday. We could all do with cheering up, smiling a little and appreciating the goodness in our lives.

I’m happy to be living in beautiful North Wales and to have a job that allows me to work in #BigProv, drink amazing coffee and call it ‘work’.

I’m happy to have great friends and colleagues who support me and make me feel valued.

I’m happy to have a husband who loves me and doesn’t complain about being surrounded by cupcakes and pink icing.

So what are you happy about today?  C’mon don’t be grumpy – we’ve all got something to smile about.

I’ve just ordered my 2nd Guatemalan so the day is getting better already!

Life is good

That’s all for now





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