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Moving Forward | Keeping things simple

How did you feel when lockdown was announced on 23 March?

I guess most of us felt uncertain and fearful, wondering how we would cope without our normal daily framework that seems to hold us together. Fearful of the disease, of change, of isolation.

But we’ve made it to Week 10.

So how are you doing?

I guess for me there are pros and cons to the simple life. But a lot more pros

  • I love the peace and quiet that comes with the slow pace of life
  • I appreciate that for the first time in ages, I actually have space in my head
  • Hooray for only 1 migraine in 10 weeks
  • I’m noticing simple things so much more in the garden and in the little bit of world outside my front door
  • Our garden is full of baby birds – Goldfinches, Blackbirds, Bluetits and Robins – and they’re bringing so much joy.
  • Thanks goodness I can get locally roasted coffee beans delivered to my door
  • I’m happy that my kitchen cupboards are tidier than they’ve ever been
  • I love that wine o’clock is an official thing in our home
  • Thanks goodness for our daily walk – this I will continue as a daily medicine for my mental health.
  • I definitely prefer our local beach with the borders closed!
  • I love that we’ve been so blessed with warm sunny weather

And a few cons

  • I don’t love how snacking has become the new normal
  • I miss coffee shop life
  • Missing cuddles with the newest Bond grandbaby.
  • My hair is a shaggy mess, and I’ll love it even less in another 2 months.
  • I miss visiting my family via EasyJet in N Ireland
  • I hate that our September holiday is cancelled

The slow life

There’s a real sense that the whole world has slowed down. In a good way.

And without diminishing the horrific effects of the pandemic all around us, embracing the simple and slow life is probably good for us all.

Pre January, our world just seemed to have whirled itself into a dizzying state of manic chaos. Being busy was the hallmark of success and progress. We dashed around from one daily routine to another, without so much as taking a breath.

We saturated our brains with digital content, soaked our minds in social nonsense, filled every corner of white space with something. It’s a great pity the pandemic of anxiety and depression didn’t stop us in our tracks the same way Covid 19 has.

I’ve been working from home for quite a few years, so work has continued for me as before but in a scaled back way. Celebration cakes have been less in demand with flour and eggs more difficult to come by.

Simpler days

The days are different thought aren’t they? Simpler.

Morning coffee is now a thing.

Arranging flowers in vases is a simple joy.

Remembering how much I love listening to Andrea Bocelli sing

Afternoon walks are a daily hilight.

Talking to my plants has become normal.

Is getting back to “normal” giving your anxiety?

I don’t know about you but there are large chunks of “normal” that I’m happy to leave well behind.

I want life to be simpler. Every day.

  • Getting outside and exploring our local area.
  • Walking instead of taking the car.
  • Taking care of the garden. Making it a happy space. Growing things
  • I’ve always been a home bird. Getting jobs done. Restyling rooms. Organising cupboards
  • Reading all the books
  • Protecting my mental space – a big one.
  • Encouraging nature – birds in the garden and seasonal changes.
  • Supporting local businesses. This is our community. Our friends.
  • Appreciating coffee shop life, when it returns.

What has changed in your routine that you feel thankful for?

What is 1 thing that you want to continue with the world opens up?

Take care

Judith x

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