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My November Goals

Fireworks, cosy socks, layering up for the autumn chills, hot pumpkin soup and apple crumble. Give me all the November things.


We’ve booked 2 nights in our favourite Hillthwaite House Hotel and couldn’t be more excited. The half term crush is over. The autumn colours are dazzling. The sun will shine and there’ll be no rain at all. None. Can’t wait. My goals are quite simple. (1) Capturing the autumn glow with my new Olympus Pen, (2) curling up by a roaring open fire with a good book and a glass of red, (3) hanging out in the sauna, and (4) eating amazing food, including the world famous Grasmere gingerbread – have you tried?


After an unfortunate incident with a broken window handle, and a mutual agreement that we couldn’t bear another winter with a howling gale coming through our downstairs “so called” double glazing, we’ve replaced all our cottage windows. It’s been 30 plus years. The seals are long gone and it’s time. So the blinds have had a good scrub, the curtains dry cleaned and and the views are looking fresh. Also we now have an “escape hatch” in case we get trapped upstairs. Forward thinking. Now for a big declutter especially of the office. I’ve moved my desk to a different spot and that always makes me want to have a good tidy up.


Who loves Audible? I discovered it whilst travelling round France and Spain, and I’m hooked.

Of all the £7.99’s that go out of my account every month, this one is the best value.

Long car journeys are obviously improved with Audible but my favourite thing is getting tucked up in bed with a bedtime story to lull me to sleep. It even has a sleep timer in case you nod off and miss a bit.

It’s also fixing my other problem. Since I upgraded to an iPhone 8plus, I’m developing RSI is my left wrist. I’ve been holding the phone with my left hand and scrolling / typing with my right. If my self diagnosis is correct, then the best treatment is rest. So instead of mindlesslessly scrolling, I’m mindfully listening to wonderful bedtime stories.


November is the month that my 2020 Goal Planner arrives all the way from North Carolina, and the lovely ladies of “Cultivate“. This will be my 3rd year of goal planning with their Powersheets. I’m team “Teal Linen” all the way and this year I’ve ordered a few exciting accessories. If you don’t like goal setting, then this will be the system for you. It’s just joyous.

Happy November.

What are your goals this month? I’d love to hear.

Judith xx

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