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My September Goals

Happy 1st September

I apologise in advance if you’re not sitting on a Costa Brava seaside balcony soaking up the afternoon sun sipping iced tea and thinking about where you might head for dinner. Sorry not sorry. It’s our annual pilgrimage to Spanish Catalonia and I’m making the most of every moment.


We’ve just arrived via a few days in Provence. I’m 1 book down, 4 to go. This holiday season is my most inspirational time of the year. So I’m having my best ideas, feeling my most alive and getting filled up for the months ahead.

My camera of course travels everywhere with me. It’s not one of those cutesy “handbag sized” models I’m afraid. And it comes with at least 2 lenses. I always bring the 18-55mm and usually the 40mm for dreamy close ups. Mr Bond knows now that I will be needing at least half of his cabin bag. He travels lighter than me, so we’re good. Anyone else spend most of their holiday 20 paces behind your partner juggling handbags and lenses? No – just me then.


I’m all set with my Plum Paper personalised planner for this year. Anyone else start their diary year in September rather than January? Maybe it’s all those years growing up in a Boarding School but I still have the academic year mentality. September is a fresh start and I intend to use my planner for all it’s worth this year. The lovely people at Plum Paper have given me a 2 pages spread with separate columns for Him / Me / Cakes / Blog / Admin and Home. Everything covered. What could possibly go wrong?


I’m not great at hiking in hot weather. I’d rather sit in the shade to be honest. But come the autumn and I’m all over the Great Orme, where we live in North Wales. Our cottage is perched on the side of the Great Orme Tramway and from our garden gate there are pathways up, down and zig zagging round the hillside. So there’s really no excuse. Walking in the autumn is one of my favourite things. Bring on the crunchy leaves.


After 3 weeks of living with only the bits in your case, I’m always itching for a ruthless declutter when I get home. Cottage dwellers will understand that achieving “the cosy life” is not just about cute blankets and cushions – it’s a balance of the fine line between “homely things” and “unnecessary clutter”. I’m a big fan of Emily Ley‘s #Simplified principles of “Less is More”. Is it useful? Is it necessary? Do you love it? I’ve learned that physical clutter inevitably becomes mental clutter. And that’s no good for any of us.


I treated myself to the loveliest manicure and polish just before our trip and it’s been so long since the last one, I’d forgotten how nice it is. Making cakes means I need the shortest neatest nails for most of the year. I don’t usually bother with manicures but the lovely Lauren at Indulgence reminded me that a little “me time” is a great investment – maybe all year round. I chose the palest pink and it’s just so pretty.


The trouble with being absent from the UK for the first half of September is “missing” the Strictly launch and the opening episodes of the Great British Bake Off. When I say “missing” – they’re hopefully stacking up nicely on my Sky box for a good catch up when we’re home.

What are your plans for September? Here’s hoping for an indian summer and a stress-free autumn for everyone.

Judith xx

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