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My Word of the Year 2019

This year I have chosen 2 words for my Word of the Year which go together very well.

Why have I chosen a word of the year?

One of my joys in life is to follow Lara Casey at Cultivate What Matters. Part of their Goal Setting coaching encourages people to settle on a word that we can focus on all year. It might be something you want to achieve,  something you want to do better or just something that sparks your passion for the year ahead. I find it a very helpful thing to do at the beginning of the year. Write it somewhere prominent and think about it a little bit every day.

First of all a bit of a shout out

I want you to meet Sarah Martin, Belfast based creator and owner of A New Creation.  She makes the most beautiful embroidered hoops, wands and banners. I fell in love with her hoops when I stumbled upon her instagram page. They’re all personalised, perfect for my word of the year.  I chose a 5″ hoop with duck egg blue striped fabric, a blue bow and the words Comfort and Joy. Just 5 days later it arrived and I absolutely love it.

Sarah is a kindred spirit and the words she prayed whilst creating my hoop mean the world to me.  It has pride of place in our home and reminds me everyday of the God who is my eternal comfort and joy.

Thank you Sarah. I suspect the hoop might become an annual event.

Why did I decide on Comfort and Joy?

Just before Christmas, I was listening to the New Irish Choir & Orchestra Carol Concert at the Belfast Waterfront. A wonderful and inspiring evening was enjoyed by all. We sang our hearts out with traditional classics and more modern contemporary songs. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is a favourite of mine, although not often sung in our churches. Not sure why!  You’ll have heard, and probably sung, the chorus ..

“Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, oh tidings of comfort and joy”

It got me thinking about how the Christmas message gives us comfort in God’s promises of old, and joy in Christ being made flesh. But surely these tidings are for all year round.

I want to be comforted and have comfort all year round. Comfort from my faith, comfort with my family, comfort in my home, comfort in my life.  And comfort surely leads to joy. Joy in my faith, joy in my family, joy in my marriage, joy in all my life.

One of the side effects of a bout of anxiety and depression is that joy levels diminish. It’s easy to become very insular and keep your emotions on the inside for fear of …. pretty much everything.

So this year I’m determined to take comfort from all the blessings around me starting with God’s daily promises and find and show joy in all the things I love.

How have I implemented Comfort and Joy so far this year?

I’m a great believer in hibernation and would be quite happy for January to be declared “the month of hibernation”. It’s cold and bleak so snuggly blankets, hot tea and good books are in order.  I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve spent quite a few afternoons wrapped in my The Tartan Blanket Company blanket, with a cup of Heartland tea and a Nathalie Bond Organics candle. You should try it.

I’m an introvert at heart so I get comfort and joy from quiet time – reading alone, relaxing in the bathtub, walking on the Great Orme with Mr Bond, drinking coffee in my favourite Providero.

I know that my comforts and my joy are inextricably linked and as the year progresses I intend to build up my comfort banks to ensure my joy levels.

What am I saying yes to this year?

This year I’m saying YES to meaningful friendships, and more time with family. I’m saying yes to getting out in the garden and learning about plants. I want to discover more of the treasures of North Wales and the joys of slow living. I want social media free weekends and a bible driven life. I’m saying yes to coffee – but I guess coffee is never going to be on my “no’ list.

What am I saying no to this year?

This year I’m saying NO to procrastination (one of my closest friends), fear (of new things and scary things),  and analysis paralysis (overthinking everything and doing nothing).

Have you chosen a word for this year? I’d love to hear it, and why you chose it?

Wishing you tidings of comfort and joy – all year long.

Judith xx

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