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Today is Mr Bond’s birthday.

We’ve been married for 13 wonderful years and I love him more than I can ever say. He’s my best friend, soul mate, and confidant. He takes amazing care of me. He encourages and lifts me when I’m down, shares joys with me when times are good and makes me smile as we walk through life together. I thank God for him every day.

Since I started the business 3 years ago, Barry has stood by me and helped me in every way he can. He’s washed up countless dishes, delivered to numerous customers, and told everyone that moves about my cakes. He puts up with my incessant talk about all things cakes, he has given up every cupboard in the house for storage, he never grumbles when I spend my evenings tweeting and posting and he performs his role as chief taster without a murmur of complaint.

Simply put, I couldn’t do what I do without him.

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So today I wanted to show you one of my favourite photographs of him taken in the evening sun in our rented apartment in Sa Riera, Catalonia during one of our many happy holidays.

It’s been a funny old day today. Having just recovered from yesterday’s highs of 38 degrees, we woke today to thunder, lightening, ferocious rain and hailstones – and that was all before breakfast. There’s been coffee and pastries in the morning sun, lunchtime drinks overlooking the river Conwy, and a little Pavlova party at the Cottage this afternoon.

pavlova 4

We’ll be finishing with a much anticipated trip to the Seahorse, in Llandudno, our favourite restaurant this side of Catalonia.

It’s been an extra joy to have my sister Susan with us this week and she’s helped make the birthday celebrations super fun.

Join me in wishing Mr Bond the happiest of birthdays, he really is quite special.

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