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Look sharp with Tropic Skincare for men

I’ve always wondered why men are so resistant to skincare.  We all have skin that needs looking after. We all age and would prefer not to.  Every one of us has a face that needs to last until we pop off.

But skincare has always been seen as the realm of women. We girls start moisturising as teenagers. For me it started with Johnson’s Baby Lotion, then good old Oil of Ulay (before they changed the name), then cleansing, then exfoliating. Add a few years and we’re using serum and toner. Add a few more and we’ve anti-ageing, deep cleansing and fending off the wrinkles.

But where are all the men?

Things have definitely changed in recent years and male skincare has become more of a thing. You only have to catch a glimpse of the Love Island blokes prepping themselves for a day by the pool to know that body hair is out and skin polishing is in.

I would say it was around 6-7 years ago when I first whispered at home the idea in hushed tones. It was met with stony silence followed by eye popping outrage. But gradually day by day, Mr Bond is now an unashamed regular skincare user.

But let’s not get carried away. When I say skincare – it’s just moisturiser. It’s a little tube that stands next to the toothpaste and is used, when remembered, after the shower.

A few weeks ago I brought some new products home courtesy of my skincare guru and Tropic Manager, Sandra Pierce.

To me she’s the Michael Mosely of the skincare world. I watch everything Michael Mosely does on TV. He’s a health and diet expert with oodles of experience. I literally believe everything he says because I know his opinions are based on scientific fact and measured experience.

Sandra has 30 years experience in skincare and makeup. She looks 10 years younger than her actual age and is a walking advert for what good diet, healthy lifestyle and “green beauty” can do for you. She’s actually my hero.

Tropic mainly focuses on women’s products but they do have a small range for men who are interested in organic, natural products made with fresh ingredients – and they’re pretty amazing.

A few months back we gave away the Men’s Gift pack in our Father’s Day competition. The 2 products – shave cream and moisturiser – come in an attractive box that would make an ideal gift.

Look Sharp Sensitive Shave

I know beards are the thing, but if you have a clean shaven chap you’ll want to try this sensitive shave gel.  After just one application – Mr Bond announced it’s the cleanest, smoothest shave he’s ever had in his life.

You just apply to damp skin and shave as normal, and then rinse and pat dry. Simples.

And for the beardies out there – you can massage it into your beard daily to soften and condition. Because nobody want a dry prickly beard.

The unique thing about Tropic is there are zero chemicals. Look Sharp is full of delicious things like Aloe Vera juice, jojoba oil, black oats, honeysuckle and cedar wood,  sweet orange and basil.

Yes it’s a little pricier than Superdrug own brand but we all know you get what you pay for in this life. And what price would you put on your partners face? Let’s be honest we spend quite enough on our own!

Look Sharp Sensitive Shave 100ml £16

Energy Boost Daily Moisturiser

In a matching sage green tube, the Energy Boost smells amazing. It’s for daily use after your shave, or beard rub. Morning and evening is ideal, but that might be a stretch – it is in our house!

It smells delightfully pepperminty with coffee oil, prickly pear (yep, think Jungle Book), black pepper, myrrh and star anise.  All natural and organic.

Energy Boost Daily Moisturiser 50ml £22


I can’t quite believe it myself but we now have something approaching a skincare routine – both of us.

So if you want the gift that keeps on giving for the males in your life, look no further.

Happy Days

Judith x




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