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Th Movable Feast Llandudno

Will it be a Pink Gin Fizz or a Pimms Cocktail? How about Rocky Road or home made Fudge?

These are just some of the tricky choices to make if you’d been at Llandudno’s #MoveableFeast18. If you managed to get along – hooray for you. If not, don’t despair, you can catch the Movable Feast at lots of other North Wales venues right through the summer.

Llandudno is home for me so it was just a hop and a skip along the Promenade to arrive at a lush green Bodafon fields, normally grazed by Welsh furry friends, right by the beach with stunning views around the Bay.

For the price of a cup of coffee and lots of free parking,  we got to spend a sunny afternoon  – yes, sunny, they thought of everything – enjoying a wonderful array of all that North Wales has to offer. It’s always best to be nil-by-mouth before you arrive at these foodie events. After all, the main aim is to try everything – right?

Being an organised girl, with a yearning for order in my life, I always approach these events strategically.  There’s usually a map, or leaflet to give you an overview of what’s what. Then you set off “systematically” – Mr Bond’s suggestion, not mine – he’s clearly learned a lot from being married to me for 15 years!

But it’s Saturday, the sun is shining, your senses are being assaulted (in a good very way) by delicious smells. It’s easy to get distracted.  Imagine fresh pizzas baking, tasty sausages grilling, mouthwatering lamb on the BBQ, fresh fish and chips. And that’s just the main course! Then there’s hot bubble waffles, homemade fudge, irresistible traybakes, homemade cupcakes, and lots of amazing ice-cream.

The choice of beverages was rather good too.  Jaspels were there, the Anglesey Craft Cider people. You had a queue to try MeryWen Gin, and Wild Horse Brewing Company – always a popular choice.

Pink Gin Fizz was, of course, my choice of afternoon cocktail. Mr Bond chose the very masculine sounding “Godfather”, mainly because it wasn’t pink, but also amaretto is his favourite italian cocktail and always reminds us of sunny holidays.  We perched ourselves on rustic hay bales – surprisingly comfortable – and enjoyed some delightful songs performed by the Llandudno Tenovus Choir. The perfect soundtrack to a spring afternoon.

A big cheer for Dylan’s, and the North West Wales Food Producer Group, the inspiration behind all this feasting. We  love their Anglesey Food Slams and spent many a happy evening sipping chilled prosecco and munching yummy seafood on Menai Bridge waterfront.  So glad they’ve take that vision and brought it right along the coast.

One of my measuring sticks for today was how far the organisers and producers have embraced the plastics, recycling and composting message. And I was pleasantly surprised. Our coffee was drunk from fully compatible cups, and folk were served “I am not plastic” but look like plastic pint glasses. Hooray. Almost all the food I could see was in cardboard or recyclable materials and there were lots of recycling bins around the site.

I love the featured craft stalls too. Ceramics, cards and gifts, jewellery and woodwork.  A good selection of sustainable, rustic and local creatives – showcasing what North Wales folk are really good at. I’m secretly hoping that Glosters will be at the next #movablefeast18 because I had my eye on a cute little blue vase which I should have gone back for!

This all got me thinking. We’re very good at making life complicated, sophisticated, and usually expensive.  Activities often come with extensive planning and stress, a long drive, a large bill and a car-full of grumpy children. Today as I was relaxing on a hay bale – we had sunshine, something sparkly to drink, a great “box” of freshly cooked food, and live crowd-pleasing tunes.  We were surrounded by laughter, family times, and children playing. What more is there?

It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed such a relaxing, easy going and delicious Saturday afternoon.

If I were you I’d check out the list of events and get at least one of them in your summer diary. Bring your family and tell your friends. For the price of a cup of coffee, it’s a super day out.

Oh and this is #notsponsored, it’s just what I really think.

3 Cheers for the #movablefeast18

Judith xx



  • Susan A Jones

    Had an enjoyable couple of hours in Llandudno Moveable Feast however, we only got as far as the cocktails and had to take a seat and have a Black Russian or two or three! We did look all round in the end though 🙂

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