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Say hello to the greenest travel cup

Anyone else match their travel cup with their outfit. Yes? Oh good. Then let me introduce you to Huski Home.

If this is you. You’ll need to head over to Instagram and enter my June giveaway to win 2 travel cups of your choice from Huski Home and a box of 50 Biodegradable Drinking Straws.

With all our favourite coffee shops closed for months, it’s the perfect time to get yourself a cute travel mug for the short trips out that we can do.

It’s a little bit ironic (when travelling is limited to 5 miles) that I use my travel cups more during lockdown than even before.

But here’s the thing. If you take a flask of coffee with you even on a short drive, it seems like more of any adventure. Right?

So my travel cup goes with me to the Asda Click and Collect. Well it is one of the highlights of the week.

It comes along with me and my parcels to the Post office. You never know how long you’ll have to queue for a few stamps.

It goes with me to the Garden Centre. Caffeine is essential fuel for choosing new plants and lifting bags of compost.

It goes with me for my walk to the beach, and sometimes just sits on a bench gazing out to sea for ages.

You get the idea.

I’ve tried a few different travel cup brands but find myself coming back to Huski Home again and again.

But why? There’s so many flasks out there.

Listen up. Not all travel cups are created equal.

1 They’re the new normal

Huski Home‘s green credentials are pretty awesome. Before lockdown, the UK used 7 million disposable cups every day, with 182 billion cups being littered on our street and our oceans every year. Thankfully lockdown has put the brakes on this horrific waste, but do we really want to go back to this kind of “normal”?

2 They’re an authentic family business

Lisa and Luke are super keen on living sustainably but when their son Leo challenged them to take action when he was appointed an eco-warrior for his school, they decided to take action. And the rest is history.

3 They’re made from rice husks

Huski Home’s cups and lunch boxes, are all created from rice husks – the natural waste product of the rice production process.

You can imagine the mass quantities of rice harvested around the world.   During the rice process, the sheer volume of discarded husks is quickly a biohazard if it’s not disposed of properly.

4 They’ll keep your drink properly hot (or cold)

Huski Home cups have a twin thermal wall to keep your drink at optimum temperature for a good 90 minutes. and most importantly this makes them easy to hold without making your hands uncomfortable.

They’re completely non-toxic – unlike your average recycled plastic cup – free from melamine, BPA and silicone.

5 They’re practical and pretty

If you dare turn your Huski cup upside down, you’ll soon find out that it’s leak proof and has a non slip base.

The flip top handle makes them easy to carry around and they come in either 400ml or 500ml depending how much coffee you need.

My collection – yep, I should probably call it that – includes pistachio, duck egg, rose and lagoon (current favourite). There’s also coral and violet if you prefer something brighter.

So matching your cup to your outfit isn’t quite so crazy after all.

Anyway, get yourself over to Instagram and see if you can win a pair of cups and box of grass straws. Failing that, head to Huski Home and buy yourself a lockdown treat. You’re welcome.

Judith x

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