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Shopping down Petticoat Lane

There’s never been a better or more important time to shop local. Online is convenient for a lot of things, but sometimes you just need a good mooch round your favourite shops. And for me, that’s Petticoat Lane.

Read to the bottom and find out about my giveaway. I’ve teamed up with Petticoat Lane for you to win a fabulous Paris Shopper in the perfect shade of green.

Say hello to Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane is my go-to shop for gift buying, interior bits and of course Christmas decorations. Kate Russell and her team are celebrating their 10th birthday. They deserve all the best wishes we can give them.

If you’re local to Conwy County you’ll have found Petticoat Lane. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the pastel painted buildings of the Llandudno promenade. Kate talks about the concept of “thoughtful buying”; encouraging shoppers to consider the purpose behind the purchase. Purchases that will create comfortable and happy spaces in our homes. And a range of women’s clothing and accessories that will put a smile on all our faces.

You will find a full range of Annie Sloan Chalk paint for all your interior transformations . Traditional children’s toys and gifts, ethical beauty products, lifestyle books and stationery. The seasonal clothing rail from Yaya, Humility and Monk & Anna is pretty hard to resist.

Handed by Bags

We love the beautiful handmade basketry bags, planters and storage from Handed By. They are passionate about employing traditional ethical and sustainable craft techniques using modern waste materials – in this case recycled plastic. Their “fat strap bags” are made of 70% recycled plastic in a range of gorgeous colours.

My favourite is this grey/green Paris bag which has rapidly become my everyday work bag. I don’t get much further than a socially distanced corner of my local coffee shop these days. But when you’re a self employed home worker a change of scenery a couple of days a week is essential.

The good news?

The ‘Paris’ shopper is a practical carrier bag in a great size. So it does away with the need for plastic carrier bags. It’s strong enough for my lap top and work bits, water bottle and coffee mug. And there’s room for the shopping I pick up on the way home. I can also report that it’s a excellent companion for a day at the beach.

The great news?

You can win one for yourself by entering my Instagram Giveaway. With a beautiful matching lightweight scarf, perfect for chilly autumn mornings.

Real people, fairly paid

Most of the artisans who produce these bags earn a living in the rice fields of Vietnam and China. They live in one house with their children, parents and grandparents. Once home from the fields, the women weave the baskets for which they receive a fair wage. The baskets are inspected, cleaned and finished in the local village. They’re transported to the city warehouse for packing and shipping to the Netherlands. No mass production in factories, but small-scale projects with long-term personal partnerships

Everything in Petticoat Lane has a thoughtful and ethical backstory. A sustainable story which is why it’s my go-to shop for all the ladies in my life.

Have you visited Petticoat Lane yet? All our local shops need our support over the coming months. It’s really hard out there. The next time your finger goes for the Amazon App, think of the little people first. Is is something you can source locally and make someone do a happy dance.

Don’t forget to head over to Instagram and enter my giveaway.

That’s all for now

Judith xx


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