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The handy guide to Mother’s Day

We all know what we’re supposed to do on Mother’s Day don’t we? But what about the things we should really avoid? The things that might wind us up in all sorts of trouble. Keep reading for our perfect gift idea from Tropic Skincare.

Mother’s Day is about treating the Mums and Step Mums, Adopted Mums and Grannies, Sisters and Aunties. All the ladies we love in our lives who do so much for us.

So here’s our 5 cheeky ways to avoid trouble and make them very happy on Mother’s Day.


You’ll have your hands full if you let her sleep in. She might enjoy the extra few winks, but she’ll wake up groggy and grumpy. That would spoil the whole day. Right?


Don’t, whatever you do, take matters into your own hands and make her breakfast in bed. Cooking a full English with the kids might seem like a good idea at the time, but there’ll be crumbs all over the duvet, coffee spills on the best Egyptian cotton pillows, and think of the mess in the kitchen. Nightmare!


Thinking of taking her out for Mother’s Day Sunday lunch? Hands down, the worst idea. It’ll be expensive and the kids will turn their noses up at the menu. It’ll be crowded and noisy, and you might forget which is her favourite lunch spot. In the famous words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman “big mistake”.


You might think leaving her alone would be enjoyable. One the one hand she’ll enjoy a nice quiet coffee and a pile of magazines,  but on the other hand she won’t want to see you struggling to take care of the kids. She’ll want to spend the day all together doing fun stuff. The magazines can always wait.


Finally when you’re sitting at home in the evening, avoid being  tempted to pour her a glass of wine. I promise you things will get out of hand. She might feel tempted to drink it and start to feel relaxed. One glass leads to another and let’s not forget tomorrow’s a work day.


Have I forgotten anything? Lying in, breakfast, Sunday lunch, family day out, relaxing evening. Sounds perfect if you do it right.


Oh yessssss, don’t forget the all important GIFT. She will expect a gift. Something thoughtful. Something pretty. Something that smells nice. Something just for her, that no-one will get to share.

We have the perfect idea.   Hands down the best idea.

This gift will demonstrate that you know her like the back of your hand.

It will tell you that she’s hand over fist the best darn woman on the planet.

Are my little handy clues helping?

OK I’ll tell you. We’re talking the Signature Hand Collection from Tropic Skincare.

It’s one of Tropic Skincare‘s most popular products. 2 bottles – Signature Hand Wash and Signature Hand Lotion to keep her hands soft and hydrated all day long.  They come presented in Tropic’s beautiful gift packaging.  So nice you won’t even need to wrap it up.


Tropic Skincare’s gorgeous products are all plant based, chemical free, cruelty free and 100% natural so they get a big fat tick from us.


It’s the smell you’ll notice first. This is a combination of the zesty Australian Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus (my favourite) and Bergamot. Together they give this product the most uplifting citrus scent. You will be obsessed. I promise.  It’s also got some very clever Coconut cleansers give a gentleness for even the most sensitive skin.


When I’m in the kitchen baking and decorating I wash my hands a lot so really need something gentle that I can use over and over again without dryness. I find just 1 small pump is enough so the 180ml bottle lasts ages. A little goes a very long way. The hand cream is really light so great for daytime use. It’s not at all greasy, like some, and absorbs fast – so you can get back to your work straight away.


I’ll let you into a secret. If you buy these 2 bottles separately from Tropic Skincare you’ll pay £36, but buy them together in this lovely gift box and you’ll save £10. Just £26 for the most beautiful gift.

You can order directly through the Tropic Skincare Website or through your local Tropic Ambassador. If you don’t know one yet, just pop a search of your local town onto Facebook – for me it would be “Tropic Llandudno”. You can then have a look through the list and see who you fancy approaching. Actually they’re all lovely. There’s 14,000 of them all over the UK and I met 2,500 of them last Saturday at Tropic Rocks. That was fun!

If you’re new to the delightful world of Tropic Skincare, may I suggest you have a read of our latest blog. You might remember Susie Ma from BBC The Apprentice? She’s the most successful candidate to be fired. Lady Sugar tried her beauty products, loved them and persuaded Lord Sugar to invest. That was 6 years ago. Last week I was invited to the press launch of Tropic Skincare’s brand new £4m HQ and Beauty Kitchen, and had the most wonderful day.

You can find out more by subscribing to my blog on the Home Page – just scroll down to the ‘Subscribe’ Tab and fill in your details.

I’d love to know what you think of the Tropic Skincare products. Why not pop a comment below. 

That’s all for now.

Judith x


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