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Life without coffee? Naw. That’s a step too far right. We can do without loo roll (maybe), flour (of course), even avocados (a struggle). But we cannot do without coffee. It’s the stuff of life. So I’ve polished my Moka Pot and got brewing.


I’ve teamed up with my good friends at Mug Run Coffee to bring you a fully caffeinated G I V E A W A Y to cheer us all through Week 7 of Covid 19 Lockdown.

Head to my Instagram page to enter for the chance to win 2 delicious bags of Mug Run coffee, ground however you like, and posted to your door.

Coffee Crisis

One of my first thoughts, when Boris announced we’d all be tucked up in our homes for a while, was – what if we run out of coffee? I must admit that mild panic began to set in. Anyone else?

If you’re a tea drinker, you may wish to look away. This blog is pretty heavy on the beans. We can talk about tea another day!

You’d be mistaken if you think this is a first world problem. I take my coffee game very seriously and even the slightest thought of running out of locally roasted beans for our bestie bean to cup machine, brings me out in a cold sweat.

A quick dash to our usual local supplier would keep us going for a while but what next?

Italian Inspiration

Let me take you back to summer 2017 and a sunny holiday cottage perched in the hills above Florence. Amongst the intriguing bits and bobs we found in the bijou kitchen at Il Casalone, we found a vintage coffee pot which had clearly seen more espresso runs than I’ve had hot dinners. What fun! 5 minutes and a spot of googling later, it revealed itself to be a traditional MOKA POT, apparently found in every self respecting Italian home from Milan to Palermo. So we bought a packet of supermarket coffee and had a go. It was bit ‘trial and error’ to get the right strength of coffee. And we soon discovered that the Italians like teeny cups of coffee with their breakfast. More like an espresso to perk you up for the day. How wonderful.

After a couple of idyllic breakfasts on the sunny patio overlooking the florentine hills, we’re hooked to this fabulous way of life.

Coffee Theatre

Much as I love the instant gratification of our bean to cup machine. Grab and mug and press the button. The slow life of lockdown has shown me that there’s much more to be discovered.

So I’ve dug out our Bialetti Moka Pot.

I wish I could tell you we bought it in a Florentine market from an artisan maker. But no. The suitcase did not allow space for this and Amazon delivered a few days after we flew home.

I’ll be honest, it’s been used more in the last 6 weeks than during the last 3 years. I’m completely in love with the whole theatre of it. And these slow mornings have been the perfect time to learn a new breakfast ritual.

Opening up the pot.

Filling with cold water.

Measuring out the ground coffee and tamping it down.

Setting it on the hob and waiting. Oh, a good few minutes for it to start bubbling and squeaking as freshly brewed hot coffee cascades over the spout and into the jug.

The first thing you’ll notice is the smell of rich roast filling the whole house. And there’s no better aroma in the morning than freshly brewed beans. Are we agreed?

Mug Run

When you have a cupboard full of coffee beans to help calm the mild panic of 6 weeks ago, and no grinder, you’ll need a little help from Mr Mug Run. I first met Tim at a Food Fair where we sampled his locally hand roasted blends. We were pretty smitten. North Wales seems to be a great area for micro coffee roasting. How blessed are we?

Tim kindly sent me a bag of his recommendation – Peruvian Pomahuaca Sparkling Water Decaf. It’s a strength 4. Roasted the same week it arrived. Tasting notes: Plum, Cherry and Chocolate Biscuit. If you like, I could tell you the names of the 31 different producers or the many and various coffee plant varieties but you’re probably better off closing your eyes and imaging the sun drenched slopes of San Ignacio, Peru, lined with luscious coffee plants wafting in the mountain breeze. Are you there?

Now that I am a Moka Master and feeling at least 80% Italian, I’m enjoying my morning cup of Mug Run, on the sun drenched slopes of the Great Orme. And it’s not half bad.

How do you brew?

Barista Tim is busy roasting right through the lockdown to send out fresh coffee to his customers. You can try his Peruvian Pomahuaca, or his “Shed Blend” – a reference to his early shed producing days, or even sign up for a monthly subscription. Tim will grind it however you like to suit your chosen brewing method.

And if you really want to enjoy the moment, I suggest you invest in a little piece of Italy – a Moka pot. You’ll be grateful. I promise.

So coffee lovers. What’s your chosen brewing method? I’d love to hear from barista people. What do you use at home?

Now I’ve been reading about the V60 Pour Over system and might have ordered something new. So watch this space.

That’s all for now.

Judith x

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