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The last 3 books I read

What are the last 3 books you read? Are you a bedtime reader? A bath time reader? A kindle reader? or maybe just a “by the pool” reader?

One of my goals this year is to read is to intentionally read more books. More fiction, more non-fiction, more biz books, more devotional books. More everything. But all print, no kindle. I like the smell of the pages too much.

I’ve found a cup of coffee and a cupcake helps quite a lot.  You should try.

However much I try to kid myself, my favourite genre is crime / adventure thriller.  I’ve always enjoyed a good ‘who dun it”, anything by Michael Crichton (especially involving dinosaurs) and I’ve been a fan of John Grisham since “the Pelican brief” days.

I can’t read in the bath. Too much steam, the wrong specs, it just doesn’t work for me. So I’ve been trying to discipline myself to read a couple of chapters at bed time, and then turn the light off between 10.30 and 11pm.  Trouble is – a good fiction book is hard to put down, and there’s always just time for another chapter. Unputdownable is the word. I think.

Here’s the last 3 books I read –

The Woman in the Window | A J Finn

Genre – Fiction, Thriller, Psychological thriller | £4.50 Softback Amazon

I bought the hardback from Amazon by mistake. Too much rushing! I normally wait patiently for the paperback to be published!

It’s a thriller based in one street. Actually in one women’s house and in particular, the view through her bedroom window. It’s a great story with a truly unexpected twist at the end. It’s also a window into agoraphobia and the effects of life changing trauma. I can’t wait to see how Amy Adams brings Dr Anna Fox to life in the forthcoming movie.

The ABC Murders | Agatha Christie

Genre – Fiction, Crime | £6.24 Paperback Amazon

I bought this one whilst dashing through the airport to our Christmas holidays. Mainly because I’d seen the BBC were doing a 3 part television serial over the festive period and I’m a huge fan of reading the book before the movie.  Reading the book first gives you a really rich insight into the characters and story. The trouble with this one was I was reading with David Suchet in mind, and then had to watch John Malkovich bring a very different Poirot to the small screen. Interesting.  The book is a brilliant Poirot mystery, for Poirot lovers. If you haven’t watched the BBC version, read it first. Just do.

A Thousand Days in Tuscany | Marlena de Blasi

Genre – Travel, Memoir, Food | £9.99 Paperback Amazon

Something quite different for me. We visited Tuscany in 2017 and spent 2 weeks soaking up the slow living vibe in Florence, Montepulciano and the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. I wanted to read something that took me back there and reminded me of a different slower lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places. The book didn’t disappoint. It’s a continuation of “A Thousand days in Venice” and charts the transition of Marlena and chef husband Fernando from Venice to a barely renovated stable with no phone, no heating and something only vaguely resembling a kitchen. You might not be enamoured  with the discomforts but you’ll definitely fall in love with village life, harvesting local food and the sheer joy of taking life at face value and enjoying every moment. This book will make you slow down, even if you don’t want to.

What have you been reading?

On my pile for next month so far are Robert Harris “Conclave”, John Grisham “The Whistler” and Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”.  Can’t wait.

Is there anything you’d recommend. I’d love to hear your favourite reads?

That’s all for now

Judith xx



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