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The most joyous stocking filler | Tropic Skincare

What’s your perfect stocking filler? All I want for Christmas is a hot bath and a good sleep. Anyone else? Let me tell you about the most wonderful gift that you should buy for a friend, and more importantly for yourself. The Unwind Me Joy Drum from Tropic Skincare.

If you’ve already tried Tropic Skincare then you’ll know. If you haven’t tried, and you’re a little bit intrigued then the festively packaged Joy Drum will be an ideal starter. 

The packaging is so perfectly thoughtful, you could even write the name tag and put it straight under the tree.


If you follow along here you’ll know that I’m all about the joys of “unwinding”. Goodness, after the year we’ve had, we all deserve a proper rest from all the stress.

Uncertainly has a way of grinding away at our mental health, bringing anxiety to the surface at all times of the day and night. 

But the good news is the vaccine is well on the way and our “normal lives” are somewhere out there on the horizon. We’re not quite there yet, but in the meantime let me introduce you to the best sleep gift set you’ll be needing. 

First up the So Sleepy Bath Foam. It’s starts with lavender, then chamomile, frankincense, rosemary, rosewood and rose geranium. All the delicious botanicals. You’ll get proper natural bubble without a hint of chemicals.

After your long relaxing bath, you’ll need a tub of So Sleepy Whipped Body Velvet. It’s packed with Madagascan Rarabe butter to replenish and smooth the skin. I’m a bit fussy about body lotions but this one is so lightweight and literally melts into your skin. 

The 3rd sleepy treat in your festive Joy Drum is the So Sleepy Temple Roll On. I keep this by my bedside for the ultimate bedtime ritual. Lavender essential oil is known to switch the nervous system to relaxed mode, slow your mind and unwind your muscles. It’s also great for headache sufferers and anxiety warriors. Mr Bond is a complete fan of the lavender and refuses to settle down until he’s had his nightly roll-on! Who’d have thought! 

You can order this wonderful Joy Drum at the Tropic Website either for a friends or as you very own stocking filler. Don’t forget to put my name as your Ambassador.

That’s all for now

Judith xx

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