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The Thoughtful Winter Candle Guide 2019

There’s nothing more comforting that curling up in your favourite armchair with a cup of hot chocolate and a winter candle. Am I right?

This year I’m completely obsessed with all the new sustainable brands popping up on my Instagram.

Scented candles have graced our homes for many years. But gone are the days of paraffin candles that smell like an oil refinery and burn toxins in an annoying funnel right down the middle.

Soy burns cleaner and produces almost 90% less soot than paraffin. So less air pollution and less sooty stains on your walls. Soy candles hold their scent better than paraffin simply because they burn slowly and release the oils gradually.

Paraffin is out, biodegradable soy wax is in. Think about it. We’ve banished parabens from our shampoo, swapped out toxins from our skincare, and dumped plastic packaging from our weekly shop. So why not our candles too?

I’ve found 6 exciting sustainable brands to tell you about. Some are new. Some I’ve tried before and a couple I’ve been using for ages. They are all loved in my home this year, and I hope you will love them too.


1 Allow your candle to burn right to the edges especially on the first burn.

2 Burn for 3-4 hours max

3 Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm to keep it burning cleanly.

4 It’s annoying, but never leave your candle unattended.

5 Reuse your candle jar or tin. Scrape out any residual wax and wash with hot soapy water. They can be really decorative and useful round the home.


Here goes – they’re in alphabetical order by the way, in case you were wondering.


The Simple One.

Winter Berries. 180ml. 30 hours, Reusable jar. £12

Free postage with the code WINTER LAUNCH

Simplicity sums up this Manchester based brand. If you love the organic earthy scents of bergamot and patchouli, ginger and green tea, wood sage and sea salt, you’ll need one of these in your home. Lizzy pours her candles in 2 sizes – 200g £12 and 400g £16 and her winter collection is a happy blend of tradition, nostalgia and her trademark simplicity.

I chose Winter Berries. It comes in an elegant dark lidded glass and has an intriguing ingredients list. Blackcurrant, Lemon Peel, Cyclamen, Pine, Nutmeg and Plum. Just enough spice to make it festive, and plenty of garden goodness to keep you going all winter long.

Lizzy also does candle making workshops if you’re feeling creative.


The New One

Peppermint and Eucalyptus. 200g. 40 hours. Reusable tin. £15

10% off your first order with code FIRST10

Mina is in her first year of business. She pours her candles from her rural village home in Staffordshire but has no intention of starting slow. Just a few weeks ago she was jetting to Seville for the MTV European Music Awards – with candles for the Luxury Goodie Bags. And they went down an absolute treat.

How does Amber and Sweet Orange sound? or Peppercorn and Raspberry? Cinnamon and Apple would make the perfect welcoming scent for Holiday visitors.

I’ve been burning Rhubarb and Rose all autumn in my bathroom and can’t wait to get started on my Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I’m a “peppermint” superfan. Something about the freshness of this scent is so good for my “migraine prone” head especially at bath time.


The Welsh One

Nadolig Llawen Zanzibar Cedarwood. 620g. 60 hours. Reusable Glass. £20

10 Church Street, Beaumaris | 93-95 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff

It’s been a joy to watch one of my local North Wales brands grow and flourish in the lovely Anglesey town of Beaumaris. Hannah and her family started Cole & Co with gifts and cards. In 2010 they moved onto soaps and candles and haven’t looked back since. Last year they moved into the Old Post Office, a beautiful listed building in the centre of Beaumaris right next to their Workshop. You can feel the history as you walk through the door. You can smell the soapy goodness from their busy workshop as you walk around their gorgeous store.

If you’re nearer to South Wales, there’s another shop in Cardiff and a brand new “refillable” store to try. So when your favourite shampoo or body lotion runs out, you can call by and get it refilled. Simples.

Anyway back to candles. I’ve chosen the Nadolaig Llawen (Happy Christmas in Welsh). We’re a little bit spicy over the border so “Zanzibar Cedarwood” seems like the perfect festive scent. It’s hand poured into a reusable glass decorated with limited edition illustrated label with foiled stars.. I’ll be keeping mine for Christmas Eve with a glass of spiced mulled wine.

If you love the spiced warm notes of Zanzibar Cedarwood, you can get Room Spray and mini-soaps to fill your friend’s stockings.


The magical one

Christmas Joy. 20 cl. £25

I “met” Sarah May through the Instagram. Where else? And discovered that she’s making beautiful scented candle from her home just a few miles down the road.

First up it was the packaging. You know when you see a gorgeous image of something online and it so takes your breath away that you have to have it, even before you know what’s in the box. And then the box arrives and you fall over because it’s so extra.

Sarah May hand pours her candles by the North Wales seaside. You can choose from Rose Gold Travel tins, elegant shaded glasses, twinkle tealights and wait for it – a beautiful crystal jar with silk tassel. How perfect.

I chose Christmas Joy poured into a Dawn White glass jar. It’s scented with the winter garden – mistletoe, snowberry and sugar crystals. It arrived in a stunning black box with white wax seal stamp.

Too nice to open. But definitely too good to leave in the box.

Keep an eye out for our January giveaway with Let there be Light.


The Organic One

Winter. 180g. 34 hours. Reusable Jar. £19.50.

15% off your order with code JUDITHBOND15 (affiliate link)

Full disclosure – NBO is a family business. The clue is in the name. I’ve been using their candles (and other lovely products too) for a few years now. Our favourite has always been the Winter Candle. It’s one of their founding products and makes a happy appearance on their website every November for the festive season.

If you seek the organic life then Nathalie Bond Organics is for you. Andy and Nat hand-pour their candles from their workshop in Sheffield. It couldn’t be more rustic. You can choose from Bloom, Unwind, Glow, Sunshine, Revive – a scent blend for every day and every season.

“Winter” is Christmas in a jar. A reusable jar, naturally. Sweet Orange. Pine. Cinnamon. Cloves.

You might just fall in love with this festive fragrance. If this happens, the good news is you can buy the Essential Oil Fragrance for your Oil Diffuser, and have Christmas is every room.


The Spiced One.

Original Signature: Spice and Sparkle. 16oz. 50 hours. £12. Reusable Jar.

20% off online and free shipping over £19 with code MARKET20

You know when you discover a product for the first time and then you start seeing it everywhere. All the time. Intoducing – the Naked Candle Co.

So many good things come out of Cheshire and the Naked Candle Co is one of them. I met Jake at Llandudno Christmas Fayre. He was tucked in a warm Church Hall surrounded by a crowd of customers sniffing away and hearing all about the origins of this brand new business.

Here’s the thing. It’s “naked” as in the “Naked Chef”. I don’t remember Jamie Oliver ever stripping down to make a Beef Wellington. What he did very successfully is take all the fuss away from cooking and get it back to basics. So if you want a candle that ticks all the “eco” boxes and leaves you with a handy jar you can fill with pencils, sweets or bath salts – this is the one.

Since I came up with this blog idea, I keep seeing more and more gorgeous sustainable brands that I’d love to include. This is my favourite 6 for now. But keep watching my IG stories for more ideas on keeping your home smelling tip top this festive season.

Do you have a favourite Christmas candle? Do tell?

Judith xx

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