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Let’s talk diaries

Finding the perfect diary is not an easy task. The struggle is real.

If you’re an organiser and a planner-aheader you might have already bought your diary and you’re eagerly awaiting the day when you can start writing in it!

If you’re a stationery lover / hoarder like me, then you’ll know how important is the design

  • the weight of the paper,
  • the layout
  • the cover style
  • the stretchiness of the pen slot
  • the colour of the elastic closer
  • the notes pages

You might be torn as to which diary to buy, and when you eventually decide you’ll have a real crisis over actually marking it with a pen.

If you write things on your list that you’ve already done – just so you can cross them off and feel pleased with yourself – then you’ll need more than just a diary.


Come close ….. organisers, planners, obsessives, crazy folk …. what you need is a “diary planner”. Not my name but it’s what I call it.

It’s a book that contains your life in every detail. A book that you can’t live without. A book where you do your best writing, with your best pen. A book where you carefully place special stickers that you have bought just for this job.

A book that brings you joy and doesn’t leave your side, or your handbag, for at least 365 days.

Look no further, I have found the perfect diary planner from the lovely people at Busy B


I am an unashamed Busy B super-fan.

If you look at my desk you will see Busy B pen pots, Busy B pens, Busy B paperclips, Busy B weekly planners and Busy B notebooks. In my handbag you’ll find my Busy B pencil case, Busy B list pad, Busy B stickers.

And in my hand right now – is my Busy B faux leather Mid Year Diary.

No, I’m not on the payroll, I’m just totally in love with their brand, and I think I’m probably their ideal customer!


The diary runs from 1 August 2017 to 31 December 2018.  Its an academic year diary, or a mid year diary.

It’s great if your life runs with school or College terms. Mine doesn’t really, but during July I get this urge for change and for a fresh start, so a new diary on 1 August is ideal.


I’m an A5 Week to View sort of girl, and always will be. A4 is just too big for my bag, and page a day involves too much flicking around. I like to be able to see my whole week at one view.

Since I’ve been self employed, working from home for the last 4 years, my diary has taken on a new meaning. I have to schedule my meetings and appointments. I have to play my baking and decorating work. I have to note down my admin and desk tasks. And I have to keep my home life afloat too. This diary lets me do all that on one double spread. Yay!

The left page is for appointments – you get plenty of space for each day and a separate column for little extra notes.

The right page has 3 generous columns which I use for Cakes, Admin and Home.  Running a cake business, like many other creative pursuits, involves complex orders split down into small tasks over a number of days. So baking, cooling, frosting and refrigerating the cake is done over 2 days. Making, assembling, and drying the decorations is done over another 2 days. And finally, covering the cake and the board, attaching the decorations, affixing the ribbon, and boxing the cake completes the order. Then it has to be photographed from every angle, and delivered to the customer or wedding venue.

And that’s just the Cake column.  I won’t bore you will all the tasks for the Admin column and then there’s Home – which despite everything else has to carry on. Next week my parents are coming to stay so there’s meal planning, shopping, tidying and cleaning to be done!

This fab Busy B diary takes a good deal of stress out of my life.

As an anxiety sufferer, I can’t hold a lot of information in my head without it becoming overwhelming so splitting tasks down into little parts if how I get through life.


I’ve had a hard cover for a couple of years now and it keeps the diary in good condition for the whole 12 months.  Last year I had a white leather cover which I was in love with for about a month until it became off-white, and then quite grey! Even if you are a white lover, like me, don’t choose a white diary!

This diary is a nice shade of french navy with gold embossed text on the front “diary 2017/18” and a pretty striped purple inner cover

It has a purple ribbon page marker, a nice stretchy pen loop and an elastic closer. All of which are essential, in my opinion.

Let me tell you about the pen loop. Who hasn’t had a notebook or diary either with no pen loop at all – unacceptable in this day and age, or with a skinny, non stretchy loop that will only fit a size zero pen into it. What use is that when you need your favourite ‘fat’ pen to fit?

Busy B pays a lot of attention to useful but attractive design.

The elastic closer is vital too. Our diaries go with us everywhere – right? I’m a big-bag kind of girl – I have bucket bags and satchels which I fill with all my daily essentials and what-ifs. No matter how neat you are, the danger of crinkled pages is real and a good elastic closer avoids this potential horror.

Small details but it’s all about the detail – right friends?


All diaries have extras. Pages of information that often aren’t useful at all.

Who needs to know the time zones in Zambia, the bank holidays in Bora Bora, the sunrise in Seattle, or the tide times in Tasmania? And if we do, we have Google.

We do need a chart for birthdays, an annual leave planner, weekly timetables, reminder list sheets, and handy pockets for business receipts and theatre tickets. We also need lots of notes pages, and tear out reminder sheets for shopping lists and to-do notes.  Guess what – Busy B had provided all of this in their fabulously useful Mid Year Diary.

Are you convinced yet?

If you sign up for the Busy B newsletter you’ll get 15% off your first order with the code BB15, as well as lots of gorgeousness in your inbox.

Hurry – the sooner you order this diary, or one of their other lovely designs, the sooner you can get started.

Judith x

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