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To do or not to do: what’s on your list?

If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know I never leave the house without a list. A shopping list. A birthday gift list. A work list. I just can’t function without some sort of list in my hand, even during lockdown.

Food shopping has never been so stressful and all consuming. We’re supposed to shop (for essentials) as little as possible. Never has so much time been spent scouring the inside of the fridge and constructing our list. We get 1 visit, 1 click and collect, 1 delivery. It’s like packing for our summer holiday. Have I remembered everything? And then that nervous sinking feeling all the way to the airport that you must have forgotten something really important.

Lists are everything.

So imagine my joy when Busy B sent me this “TO DO OR NOT TO DO” list book. All my list dreams in one gorgeous place. It’s handbag size with 2 tear off notepads and an elastic loop. Perfect to jot things down on the move. Not that I’m moving too far at the moment.

But it got me thinking about something that affects us all in different ways.

To do or not to do

“We’re all in this together”. We keep being told. Well, yes and no. Yes – in the sense that we’re all fastened up in our homes, escaping once a week for groceries and once a day for our personal brand of “exercise”.

But there’s a big NO too.

I’ve heard so much talk about how we all should be super productive during lockdown. Slaving away feverishly , learning new skills, decorating the house, growing veggies, baking for Britain, working through our home DIY list. And whilst lockdown is a great chance to tackle jobs we’ve been putting off, being super productive just isn’t for everyone.

I started to write a list on the first day of lockdown. There are only 2 things on it, and I’ve only achieved one of them.

We’re all wired differently. We all need to manage our lives differently to cope with lockdown. It’s not a competition, or a race. It’s about getting through this massively difficult time in once piece with our mental health intact.

What do you need to do?

If you’re task and goal orientated – you’ll already be way down your ‘to do’ list. You’ll have learned a new language and knitted 3 jumpers. Good for you. If productivity is what makes you happy and keeps your mind healthy, then do as much as you can. Enjoy your time.

But if your brain needs white space rather than a basket of tasks to survive – then get yourself on the couch with a large cup of tea and that Netflix series you’ve been saving up. Sit in the sunshine with a good book. Take yourself on a long walk round the Park. Because this is what you need to do.

The point is this. Productive isn’t always best. Netflix isn’t always lazy. Both are needed in the right balance. Be kind to yourself. And others. Just do what you need to do.

My lockdown days are enjoyable in a way I didn’t expect. Suggest you look away if you have small children.

I wake with the birds, get up slow, and spend the morning working on my blog accompanied by a large pot of coffee. We walk late morning for about an hour and head home for lunch.

Afternoons are blissful, mainly due to the gorgeous weather we’ve been blessed with. Sitting in the garden watching the birds and listening to Audible. Drinking tea with a magazine. Catching up on our sky box and our current Prime favourite “This is Us”.

I’m feeling relaxed and sleeping well. I know this isn’t true for everyone but I really believe that if this enforced season doesn’t make us slow down and listen to our bodies and minds, then nothing ever will.

So what’s on your list today?

Mine includes freshly brewed coffee, goats cheese on crusty bread, a glass of vinho verde and a hot bubble bath. And maybe a teeny bit of work in between.

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That’s all for now.

Judith xx

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