IMG_0777People ask me all the time “where do you get your ideas for writing blogs?”

And my answer is always the same “everywhere, all the time”. I have more of a problem containing my ideas, rather than generating them! I carry a notebook round with me to jot down ideas, or I save things on my iPhone.

So I thought I’d give you an example.

Last night was my Welshot Academy Business & Bloggers night and we were studying flat lay photography. I picked up some fresh flowers on the way to Chester and used them nicely in some flay lay images. A number of the other ladies used them in their images too, so by the end of the evening the room looked like a florist shop with leaves and petals strewn across the carpet.

I brought the flowers home, looking a bit droopy, sank them into water overnight which helped to perk them up and arranged them in a vase this morning on my kitchen windowsill.

Putting my camera bag away just now, I thought I would try and snap the flowers with my prime lens and get some nice close up images. I was thrilled with the results. Even thought it’s a very grey day, the light in my kitchen was gorgeous – fresh, pure and clean.

So I thought I would write a little blog to share these images and remind you all that spring is on the way





I’m sure everyone blogs in a different way, but this is how I do it. It’s about the everyday things that inspire me, the places I love to spend time and the things that occupy my strange mind during the hours of daylight (and sometimes night time too).

Final tip, have a notebook by the bed so if you wake in the night with a life changing idea you can jot it down in case you’ve forgotten by the time you get up.

That’s all for now

Judith x

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