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Why your summer skincare needs Tropic Face Smooth

After 3 months of hiding away in our homes, wearing the same tired lounge pants until they walk to the wash, eating snacks like they’re going out of fashion, and swapping our usual 5 step skincare regime for an extra hour in bed and a splash of water…..

It’s time to smarten ourselves up, get “camera ready” and face the world. Literally.

Before you delve into the make up drawer to cover up those tired eyes and neglected skin, I have something you might like to try. Face Smooth Brightening Polish. It promises “your smoothest skin ever” so it’s got to be worth a look.

Let’s talk about the scrubby bits

I’ve been a fan of body scrub for ever. There’s nothing like a good scrubbing session in the bath. But with a slightly sensitive face, I’ve always been a little nervous of the abrasiveness of face scrubs and the damage they might cause on delicate skin.

As a teenager I used a certain Apricot Face Scrub on my face and have since discovered that the scrubby bits, which I took for crushed apricot kernel, turned out to be walnuts. Research has now shown that crushed walnuts can cause micro abrasions in the skin leading to long term damage. And that well known brand of Apricot Scrub is still on the shelves.

More recent skincare technology has seen exfoliators using plastic microbeads that wash down the sink straight into our already damaged oceans.

Let me tell you about a new product that I’ve been trying. Since I joined up as a Tropic Ambassador I’ve been road-testing a few new products from my start up box, and Face Smooth Brightening Polish was top of my list.

This natural and organic product uses bamboo silica, or bamboo tears, a naturally occurring silica that’s combined with ground rice and sea salt. It creates amazingly fine “scrubby bits” to gently remove dead skin cells without any damage.

Did I mention the smell?

Essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and lime envelop your face in the most heavenly scent. Whatever you were worrying about just before, you won’t be worrying about just after – you smother this on your face.

Almond oil and Vitamin nourish and soften, whilst elderberry and acai berry give you a proper glow. Even Mr B was impressed with the results.

A few tips on how to use it

You only need a marble sized amount of Face Smooth onto dry skin. Smooth onto your t-zone area and avoid sensitive eyes and cheeks. Rinse with warm water and you’re good to glow. See what I did there!

I keep mine on my little bath shelfie as a Sunday night self care treat. But I sometimes reach for the tube on a Wednesday too.

It’s just £15 for a 100ml tube of Face Smooth. Once it’s established in your skincare routine you’ll be coming back for me.

Skincare matters

As a 40 something who wishes I’d cared about skincare a bit more in my 20s, the things that matter to me now are vastly different.

  • I am mostly mistrustful of the claims of big beauty brands. They regularly tell lies either directly or by omission. So I need products I can really trust.
  • I want to know all the ingredients in my products and make sure they are natural and sustainably sourced. It’s no longer acceptable to bury our heads in the sand with products we know are dodgy because we’ve “always used them”
  • I want to be 100% sure that my products are not tested on animals in any part of the process. It’s a red line for me. I did a school project on cosmetic animal testing and still feel as strongly about it today.

Keep it simple. Try Tropic

I believe in simplicity. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and will be with us, in some form, until we part this world. But that doesn’t mean we need a cabinet full of random skin products collected every time we pass the 3 for 2 counter.

I want to use products that I love, that I trust. Products that are simple and ethical, and that make me glow with the minimum of fuss. Tropic Skincare ticks all those boxes.

If you’d like to know a little bit more, you can check out my previous blogs for all the info you need. I’ve been using Tropic for about 3 years, so I loved the products long before I joined up as an Ambassador.

Message me if I can help.

That’s all for now.

Judith xx

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